Kelly McNamara

Kelly McNamara

Department: Accounting & Information Management

Title: Professor of Practice, Accounting and Information Management

Big Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Database Management

1999 University of Georgia, Ph.D., Business Administration (Management Information Systems)

1992 University of Georgia, Masters of Applied Mathematical Sciences, Management Science & Information Technology

1990 State University of New York, B.A., Mathematics and Physics

Kelly McNamara is a Professor of Practice in the Department of Accounting and Information Management. She received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and physics from SUNY at Plattsburgh and a MAMS (Master of Applied Mathematical Sciences) degree and Ph.D. in management information systems from the University of Georgia.

McNamara’s areas of interest and expertise stretch from mathematics and statistics to IT, analytics and databases — all with the common themes of data and data analysis. Her work experience spans more than 20 years in these areas, in both industry (in the form of technical and analytical consulting as well as management of systems development project teams and professional training) and university settings (in the form of teaching and research).

Friends, colleagues and students know McNamara as KMac and Dr. Mac. She loves teaching and continuing to learn. She cares about her students’ learning and success, and has been the recipient of the Outstanding Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Teaching Award at the Rollins College of Business at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga.

While KMac loves to teach her students and loves data, she needs to get away from her computer occasionally. She is an avid outdoor adventurer — caving, kayaking, biking, hiking, motorcycle riding, camping, etc. Even while outdoors, KMac still sees data.

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