Posting a Job

Undergraduates: Handshake

The University of Tennessee’s Handshake platform is a great way to to gain access to undergraduate talent by searching resumes and posting job offers.

For any additional questions, contact Jeannine Berge by email or (865) 974-8280.

Graduate Students: Haslam Career Hub

The Haslam College of Business maintains the Haslam Career Hub to help companies hire graduate students, specifically MBA students. If you are a first-time user of the hub, create a new account to get started.

  • Create a new account and accept the Terms and Conditions. We strongly recommend you register using your email address for your username, as we have pre-loaded many employer contact records into our system. Your email address is your identifier, and if you use the one we have on file then your account will be connected with your existing data.
  • Please review your contact information before you press save. Make your job postings visible to students by updating the “Share contact Information with Students” prompt to read “Yes.”
  • To post a job, go to the “Job Posting” tab, click the “Add” button, enter your information and press “Save.” The job will go live once we have reviewed it.
  • To submit a request to present or conduct interviews on campus, click the “On Campus Requests” tab and select between the following options: “Interview – Full-Time Position,” “Interview – Internship Position,” “Single Company Event,” “Multi-Company Event,” or “Office Hours.” Then accept the recruiting policies and enter your request information. You will receive an email with your confirmed date.

For any additional questions, contact Natalie Feller in the Career Management and Recruiting at or (865) 974-5542. We can provide support including:

  • Scheduling of dates and spaces for on-campus information sessions, career fairs, workshops and networking events
  • Promotion of your opportunities to specific constituencies
  • Periodic evaluation of your recruiting strategy to ensure long-term success