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Building Sales Talent

More than 50 percent of American business school graduates, regardless of their major, go into sales as their first career, yet 60 percent of them either resign or are terminated (Bolander et al. 2014). We believe this disconnect lies in a lack of professional sales training at the collegiate level.

Sales programs graduates:

  • Ramp up 50 percent faster
  • Turn over 30 percent less often
  • Save companies an average of $200,000 in their 18 months of employment

Led by a retired sales executive from Procter & Gamble, Haslam’s professional sales program interweaves classroom education, highly selective internships and sales competitions to prepare graduates to make immediate business contributions.

*Bolander, W., Bonney,L., and Satornino, C. 2014. “Sales Education Efficacy: Examining the Relationship between Sales Education and Sales Success.” Journal of Marketing Education 36 (2): 169-181.

Corporate Recruiting Calendar

Fall 2017
Fall 2017
November 1-4
Spring 2018
Spring 2018
Spring 2018
Spring 2018
April 2018

In-class presentations for member companies
Luncheons and Breakfasts with select students & member companies
Florida State International Collegiate Sales Competition
In-class presentations for member companies
University of Tennessee Professional Sales Form Sales Competition
Career Fairs
Luncheons and Breakfasts with select students & member companies
Professional Sales Forum Conference (Knoxville)

Recruitment With Results

Our staff gets to know sponsor companies and their unique recruiting needs, and we create opportunities to connect them with students that fit their specifications.

Forum sponsorship also comes with a number of opportunities to access students and get a genuine assessment of their skills through events including:

  • Speed interviewing
  • Internship matching
  • Networking receptions
  • Complimentary booth at career fairs
  • Classroom and student luncheon guest speaking
  • Invitation to attend the students’ Annual Sales Competition
  • Opportunity to work with undergraduate or graduate student projects

Collaborate with Corporate Sponsors

Forum membership provides the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an emerging professional sales program to recruit quality students, influence sales-related research and education, and network with leaders from top sales organizations around the globe.

LEARN: Attend annual sales conference featuring best-in-class workshops lead by industry and faculty experts.

RECRUIT: Work with a dedicated and responsive team focused on matching sponsors with the best talent via exclusive recruitment opportunities.

NETWORK: Our forum setting fosters numerous opportunities to network with peers and collaborate with faculty.

Benefits of Forum Membership

  • Concierge recruiting, with premier internship matching, complimentary booth a career fairs, an opportunity to attend the annual sales competition, networking events with students and opportunities to speak at student luncheons and breakfasts or in sales courses
  • Four attendees at the annual sales conference
  • Corporate logo on the Professional Sales Forum website and all sales course syllabi
  • Corporate signage at the student sales competition
  • Access to a closed LinkedIn group
  • Membership on the Professional Sales Forum advisory board
  • Discounts on executive education courses at the Haslam College of Business
Torchbearer Sponsors receive the same benefits as Volunteer sponsors, plus:

  • Consideration for a Ph.D.-level research project
  • Opportunity to participate in the Corporate Social Responsibility Course
  • Permanent signage in the Haslam College of Business’ Sales Lab
  • Naming opportunities in the future Institute
  • Customized corporate sales training

Meet the Team

Tom Van Dorselaer, M.B.A
Executive Director
(865) 407-5059

Chelsea Pritchard, M.A.
Project Manager
(865) 974-1674

Dan Flint, Ph.D.
Faculty Coordinator
(865) 974-8314

2018 Sponsors

If you are interested in joining our growing number of sponsors, let us know by filling out the form below or contacting Tom Van Dorselaer

For more information, please contact:
Tom Van Dorselaer
Executive Director
Professional Sales Forum
330 Stokely Management Center
Knoxville, TN 37996-0530
Tel: (865) 407-5059