Economic Benefits of Hosting the World Cup in Nashville

Author: William F. Fox, Alex S. Norwood

Publication Date: December 1, 2021

This study examines the economic impact that construction, operation, and tourism associated with Nashville hosting four World Cup soccer matches during one month in 2026 would have on the Tennessee economy. The games would be held at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium, the current home of the Tennessee Titans. The economic impact from hosting the games would come from the construction of new/renovated facilities, operations of the games themselves, and tourism that arises as visitors come to Nashville to attend the World Cup games and associated events. Tourism will generate most of the World Cup’s economic effects, but construction, and spending at the matches will also generate economic activity for the state. This analysis focuses on the one-time economic impact of hosting the World Cup in 2026, but the attention Nashville receives from being thrust onto the world stage could offer much longer-term economic gains.