Job Fairs & Other Events

The University of Tennessee Center for Career Development offers several outstanding job fairs every year. Whether you are hiring for part-time jobs, internships or full time positions, this is your opportunity to talk with a number of students in one central location. These job fairs are a great way to kick off your recruiting year, and are ideal for companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

To view complete listings as they become available, please visit the Center for Career Development events calendar.

    Undergraduate Recruiting Events

    Fall Semester 2016

    • Part-Time Job Fair – Wednesday, August 24
      This event is held early in the fall semester shortly after school starts and is perfect for employers seeking students for part-time job opportunities.
    • Engineering/STEM Job and Internship Fair – Tuesday, September 20 - 3:00-6:00pm
    • Supply Chain Management Job and Internship Fair – Wednesday, September 21 - 3:00-6:00pm
      This is a niche fair for students majoring in supply chain and industrial engineering seeking full time or internship opportunities.
    • Business/Retail/Government Job and Internship Fair – Thursday, September 22 - 3:00-6:00pm
    • CASNR Career Fair – Wednesday, September 28
      This is a niche fair focusing on career opportunities for students with majors in this college.
    • Construction Science Career Fair – Thursday, September 29
    • Communication Job & Internship Fair – Wednesday, October 26
      This event targets CCI students seeking internships and/or career positions.

    Spring Semester 2017

    • Diversity Job Fair – TBD
      This fair is designed to increase employer access to talented underrepresented students.
    • Spring Job and Internship Fair – TBD
      This fair is perfect for recruiting students for summer jobs, internships (which can be year round) and those seeking full time opportunities for after graduation.
    • Architecture and Design Job Fair – TBD
    • Education Job Fair – TBD
      School systems from around the country recruit in March for various types of teaching positions.
    • Impact Careers Week – TBD
      The social impact fair is for students interested volunteer, internship and full-time opportunities in social impact and environmental sustainability.

    Overall Recruiting Cycle for Graduate Students

    Employers are encouraged to contact us any time throughout the year to recruit for summer internship opportunities. Please contact the Graduate Business Programs Office at (865) 974-5033.

    • September-December: Peak full-time recruiting season
    • December: UT Full-Time MBA and Master in Business Analytics students graduate
    • February-April: Peak summer internship recruiting season
    • May: Dual-degree UT Full-Time MBA students graduate (such as JD/MBA, MBA/MS Engineering, MBA/ MS Business Analytics, MBA/MS AgEcon)
    • Summer: Full-Time MBA students participate in required* internships

    Fall 2016 Graduate Student Recruiting Calendar

    • September 15-16: Supply Chain Management Industry Networking Event
    • September 23: CPG Boot Camp
    • September 23: Business Analytics Industry Networking Event
    • October 6-7: University of Tennessee Fall Break
    • November 8-10: University of Tennessee Supply Chain Forum
    • November 24-25: Thanksgiving Holiday
    • December 9: Graduate Business Programs Graduation
    • December 10 - January 10: Winter Break