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Megan Flora

“I decided to work at a university because I love the energy you feel when you walk around a large campus,” says Flora. “It’s inspiring to be surrounded by students, faculty and staff who are doing amazing things.”

Undergraduate Programs - Staff

Megan Flora serves as the Employer Development Manager as part of the undergraduate business team at the Haslam College of Business. Flora’s primary role is to engage with employers in ways that make them excited to recruit at the Haslam College of Business. Because of the college’s continued growth and talented students, a large number of companies are already recruiting at the college. Flora specifically serves to connect with new employers, both inside and outside of Tennessee, to help showcase the depth and breadth of the talent of students here at the Haslam College of Business and provide employers with tools to do so effectively.

Flora began her career at the University of Georgia career center and spent six years focusing on both the student and employer side of the recruitment process. She moved in September to begin her new role focusing primarily on employer development.

“I decided to work at a university because I love the energy you feel when you walk around a large campus,” says Flora. “It’s inspiring to be surrounded by students, faculty and staff who are doing amazing things.”

Flora is a member of the career development team in the college which serves to create innovative ways for employers to recruit on campus. Her team focuses on increasing the number of employers who hire students, increasing career outcome rates, engaging more UT alumni in the recruitment process and ensuring that students feel empowered to take control of their own personal, professional and career success.

“In my role, I plan to contribute to these goals by providing excellent customer service and support to our current employers as well as proactively reaching out to new employers to establish strong relationships that will lead us into an even bigger, better year of recruiting,” says Flora.

The Haslam College of Business job placement rate has stayed above 90 percent for the past few years; the internship placement rate is at 55 percent. Flora’s office strives to increase these numbers each year, as they serve as a component of student outcomes and development.

“There are more job opportunities now for students than in past years, more employers are coming to campus to recruit and salaries are increasing,” Flora says. “Haslam students are in a great place right now, because the opportunities are here. As a result, a huge goal of our office is to help students feel confident and prepared for these opportunities. It’s also important for us to focus on our employers, and to create new and refreshing ways for them to engage with our students. I believe outcomes and opportunities for Haslam students will continue to increase in the upcoming year.”

Flora believes that one of the biggest opportunities for the college in terms of career development is to integrate more Haslam College of Business alumni into the recruitment process.

“We would love to have more alumni coming back to campus on the employer side, whether that be to attend career fairs, serve as mentors to current students or host a student site visit,” Flora says. “We have a large number of alumni who are untapped resources at the moment, and this is something I would like to improve.”

“We enjoy connecting with alumni because it not only provides them an opportunity to give back to the UT community, but it also gives current students incredible insight and connection into the working world from those who have been in their shoes.  I would encourage any alumni who are interested in reconnecting with campus, or serving as a resource for current students, to reach out to our office. We’ll be glad to connect and see how we can partner together going forward.”

For more information on getting involved with the college’s recruiting process, reach out to haslamalumni@utk.edu or visit https://haslam.utk.edu/careers .