University of Tennessee

Sebastian Soldner

Living abroad has been an incredible array of action, self-discovery, and adventure

Finance - Student

Born in Forchheim, Germany, Sebastian Soldner came to Tennessee when he was two years old. As a sophomore majoring in finance with a collateral in international business, Soldner’s initial love of business came about through reading regularly about the stock market and the business plan competitions he participated in throughout high school.

After choosing the Haslam College of Business for its competitive undergraduate education and his interest in the Global Leadership Scholars program, Soldner participated in the initial first-year business trip to Cuba, which brought students to Havana to learn in a constantly changing business culture.

“Cuba was incredible,” Soldner says. “To be able to take an outside look in on a country struggling to provide its citizens with what we consider basic necessities—it was such an utterly humbling experience, reinforcing how lucky I am to have the chance at an education, use of the internet, or even just running water.”

Solder is currently continuing his international studies in London as part of the Global Leadership Scholars.

“Living abroad has been an incredible array of action, self-discovery, and adventure,” he says. “GLS has been a transformative experience: living with others in a flat and bonding over amazing adventures. Each day has something new in store, and I look forward to every moment.”

Along with his international curiosity, Soldner is a Bloomberg Financial Analyst at the Masters Investment Learning Center, a co-founder of the Tennessee Capital Markets Society, and prior team captain in the CME Trading Challenge. Soldner also participates in the Haslam College of Business Student Leadership Council, which helps evolve the relationship between organizations and faculty.

He hopes to pursue a career in management consulting. Outside of academia, Sebastian enjoys rock climbing, audio engineering, and reading.