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Sunny Sweitzer

“Owning a bakery was never the dream, but I am learning that some of the greatest opportunities are never what was expected.”

Marketing and Supply Chain Management - Student

“Owning a bakery was never the dream, but I am learning that some of the greatest opportunities are never what was expected,” says Sunny Sweitzer, a marketing and entrepreneurship major at the Haslam College of Business and owner of Whisk ‘n Batter.

Sunny decided on a whim to start her own baking company based on a love of cake creation and encouragement from her family. What started as a few cakes for friends and family quickly grew when Sunny applied the skills she learned at the Haslam College of Business.

“I cannot begin to describe the resources and education that the Haslam College of Business has equipped me with to make Whisk ‘n Batter what it is,” Sunny says. “I am extremely grateful for the college.”

Sunny says her classes have taught her the importance of understanding her clients, ways to reach them, and how to position her company through different marketing platforms.  She primarily markets through social media and created a blog on her website to share her clients’ stories and the joy she takes in baking for them.

“If I had to tell people one thing about Whisk ‘n Batter, I would tell them that what I do is not my own,” Sunny says. “I am used as a tool to love on people and help them share life’s celebrations through the gifts given to me.”

Sunny employs Instagram to share pictures of her cakes and create marketing campaigns for her products. This holiday season she plans to roll out different flavors of cake scrap jars—one of her most popular products—every weekend.

“The flavors are top secret so you’ll have to follow me to find out what they are!” she says. 

Sunny will graduate in December, and though owning her own business was not in her plans she will continue baking with the hopes of an expansion or shop in the next few years.

“I originally stated doing this to add to my savings with graduation approaching,” Sunny says. “But I’ve come to find out that this little business is about a whole lot more.”