Study Abroad Hong Kong

International Business

May 21 - 31, 2022

Students will be introduced to international finance and business in Asia during the Hong Kong program. The course will explore the business environment in Hong Kong along political, legal, and economic lines. Specific emphasis will be placed on financial markets, the financial services industry, and real estate markets. Hong Kong serves as the primary business bridge between mainland China (the world’s second largest economy and home to about a quarter of the world’s population) and the rest of the globe, and as such presents students with an unparalleled opportunity to explore finance and business. 

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Application Deadline:
Priority – November 30, 2022
Final – February 15, 2023

Prerequisites: MGT 202 or equivalent
Courses: BUAD 400; International Business (3 hrs.) / IB 489: Study Abroad
Faculty Leader: Andy Puckett,
Contact: International Programs & Study Abroad,