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Supply Chain Management

BS in Business Administration

Courses in Supply Chain Management


Chad Autry, Head

Paul Dittmann, Assistant Department Head


Autry, C. (FedEx Supply Chain Professor), PhD – Oklahoma

Craighead, C. (John H. "Red" Dove Professor in Logistics), PhD – Clemson

Goldsby, T.J. (Haslam Chair in Logistics), PhD – Michigan State

Holcomb, M.C. (Gerald T. Niedert Professor), PhD – Tennessee

Stank, T.P. (Bruce Chair of Excellence in Business and Supply Chain Management), PhD – Georgia

Tate, W. (Taylor Professor in Business), PhD – Arizona State

Associate Professors

Bell, J. (Ratledge Professor), PhD – Auburn

Bradley, R., PhD – Auburn

Rinehart, L.M., PhD – Tennessee

Assistant Professors

Saunders, L., PhD – Virginia Tech

Song, S., PhD – Arizona State

Yoo, E., PhD – Arizona State

Clinical Assistant Professor

Donovan, P.S., PhD – Maryland


Buckley, J. (Director of Executive Education, Global Supply Chain Institute), MBA – SUNY Buffalo

Burnette, M. (Associate Director – Global Supply Chain Institute), BS – Tennessee Tech

Dittmann, J.P. (Senior Lecturer, Executive Director – Global Supply Chain Institute), PhD – Missouri

Holztrager, J. (Director of Supply Chain Partnerships), MBA – Xavier

Long, M.C. (Director of Global Supply Chain Forum), MBA – Ohio State

Rodrigues, A., PhD – Michigan State

Scott, S.D. (Distinguished Lecturer, Executive Director – Global Supply Chain Institute), PhD – Tennessee

Skipper, B. (Executive Director – Aerospace and Defense Executive Programs), PhD – Auburn

Emeriti Faculty

Davis, F.W., Jr., PhD – Michigan State

Dicer, G.N., DBA – Indiana

Foggin, J.H., DBA – Indiana

Mundy, R.A., PhD – Penn State

Supply chain management has responsibility for the movement of raw materials and component parts into and within a business firm and to the distribution of finished products and services to customers.

Because having products and/or services in the right place at the right time is critical for success in any business, supply chain management plays a critical role in a firm's comprehensive supply chain. A career in supply chain management offers students the opportunity to make a significant contribution to corporate effectiveness in this area.

The internationally recognized Supply Chain Management program at the University of Tennessee is currently regarded as one of the most comprehensive and contemporary programs in the nation. The program offers a fundamental yet innovative curriculum. Students develop important skills required of supply chain management professionals as well as learn how supply chain management helps solve business supply chain management problems.