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Higher supply chain volumes and greater operational complexities are creating increased demand for professionals at every level of the supply chain, from the frontlines to senior executives. As the economy continues to recover and more Baby Boomers reach retirement age, those shortages are likely only to increase. Read our white paper on this subject.

Companies are beginning to see a marked advantage in having a chief supply chain officer and leveraging this field to increase their business. Our program prepares students to approach their careers with precisely this goal in mind.

Career Services

The Haslam College of Business hosts a Supply Chain Forum twice a year, which upwards of 200 supply chain professionals attend. Our supply chain students meet with these professionals in small and large group settings to discuss career opportunities and learn the best practices of the field.

Our supply chain programs also rely on an advisory board of 40 senior executives from top supply chain companies. These executives help inform our curriculum, so our students have expertise in the precise areas that industry determines are necessary for their success.

We have several dedicated staff members to help our graduate students find appropriate internships and job opportunities.

Experience with Employers

Each student’s final semester is dedicated to applying the skills they have learned throughout their program. This culminates in a capstone class, during which student teams work with a business client on an existing problem. They gain hands-on experience with a real-world supply chain that is in constant transition and increasing complexity. The project culminates with a formal presentation to the client. Other benefits include:

  • Gaining exposure to different corporate cultures
  • Learning and practicing soft business skills
  • Learning important management and leadership lessons