Sara Studio

Technology-Enhanced Education

Since 2014, the Office of Technology-Enhanced Education (TEE) at the Haslam College of Business has launched numerous online, hybrid and asynchronous courses across all departments. These modalities are critical to Haslam’s mission of graduating students within four years. These courses provide the flexibility for students to coordinate their education around even the most hectic schedules, while still maintaining academic rigor. Students can work on assignments, take exams and “go to class” entirely online. Additionally, the Haslam business minor can be completed entirely through online courses, enabling students to progress through the minor during the summer while performing internships, studying abroad or working at home.

TEE provides teaching technology strategy and consultation, instructional design and support, and professional video production services — all focused on delivering engaging, impactful and meaningful online education experiences.

Technology-Enhanced Education for Online Learning

Teaching technology comes in all forms, from the latest virtual reality (VR) experiences and artificial intelligence (AI) to livestreamed hybrid classes and online engagement tools like InSpace, Padlet, Kahoot, Discord, Mentimeter and many others. TEE’s dedicated instructional design and video production teams embrace these tools and work with instructors to ensure a high-quality learning experience for every student in the Haslam College of Business.

Instructional Design & Support

TEE provides instructional design, support, development, and consultations for classes in all modalities: in-person, hybrid, online synchronous, and online asynchronous. TEE’s dedicated instructional designer works with faculty to develop coursework with a focus on best practices in the latest teaching technology, online education pedagogy, and maintaining high engagement throughout the course.

Video Production

Studio Filming

The TEE video studio features a green screen, LED lighting, 4K cameras, teleprompter, high-quality audio, Lightboard (small and large) and dedicated, award-winning professional staff to help you make your educational and programmatic videos excel and be as engaging as possible for your students.

Field Production

If a studio environment is not preferred, TEE can also film on location both on and off campus using professional 4K cameras, LED lighting, professional audio, teleprompters and more.

Live Webcasts

TEE produces live hybrid class webinars for thousands of online students each semester and can produce live event webcasts for faculty and staff.