Technology Enhanced Education

Sara StudioSince 2014, the Office of Technology-Enhanced Education at the Haslam College of Business has launched 10 fully asynchronous and two synchronous live online undergraduate courses spanning nine disciplines. Asynchronous courses are critical to Haslam’s mission of graduating students within four years. These courses provide the flexibility for students to coordinate their education around even the most hectic schedules, while still maintaining academic rigor. Students can work on assignments, take exams and “go to class” entirely online. The Haslam business minor can now be completed entirely through online courses, enabling students to progress through the minor during the summer while performing internships, studying abroad or working at home.

The office houses a full video studio (nicknamed “Vollywood”), soundproof audio booth and new Lightboard technology, and works closely with faculty to create interactive content for classes across the college. The group also produces videos for study abroad trips, student associations and clubs, and creates Impact Videos to help shape the undergraduate student culture at Haslam. Past Impact Videos have focused on James Haslam’s legacy of integrity, inclusion, insight and impact, and the University of Tennessee Honor Code.