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Doru Bali, M.D., MBA

“It gave me a greater understanding of how the business of medicine works, strengthening of my leadership skills. It gave me skills I’ve never had before, and re-energized me mid-career for other things to come.”

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Physician Executive MBA

Suzanne Pristau, MD, MPH, MBA

"The Physician Executive MBA program has transformed my life in ways I could never have thought was possible."

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Suzanne Pristau, MD, MPH, MBA

"The Physician Executive MBA program has transformed my life in ways I could never have thought was possible."

Going through Haslam’s Physician Executive MBA program and learning about leadership in healthcare while sharing insights and camaraderie with fellow physicians renewed my passion for medicine and gave me a new passion for being a leader.

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Ethan Halm, MD, MBA

"It gives you a lot of tools and skills and challenges for how to improve on the left brain and the right brain skills that we need to be more effective."

Ethan devoted his Haslam PEMBA OAP to reducing burnout among doctors and was excited to see burnout rates dramatically decrease in his organization as a consequence.

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Silpa Yalamanchi, MD, MBA, FHM

"They know what is important, what is relevant to us. So, they focus a lot of their classes on the relevant information that we need. They teach us what we need to know."

After working alongside her physician peers to learn leadership skills and the business side of healthcare, Silpa thinks physicians who seek such training should definitely consider the Haslam PEMBA program.

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Sri Gangineni, MD, MBA

"You come and learn here how to be a better leader, how to be a well-rounded physician even if you're not focusing on a particular administrative role in the hospital."

For Sri, the best part of the Haslam PEMBA program was that the faculty, staff and fellow students all became like family.

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Deb Vinton, MD, MBA, FACEP

"There has been a series of projects where I've had an assignment for my MBA and then looked at my own current job and been able to actually deploy that project in real time."

Feeling she needed to enhance her operational knowledge and management skills, Deb researched physician executive MBA programs nationwide and found that the Haslam PEMBA program had just what she needed.

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Kevin Trice, M.D., MBA

"PEMBA was, without a doubt, the best educational experience I have received."

For Kevin Trice, PEMBA was an opportunity to get ahead of the curve in a changing field.

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Keel Coleman, D.O., MBA

"There is no way I could have done this without PEMBA."

For Keel Coleman, inspiration came in the form of a problem, a new technology, and the Physician Executive MBA program.

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John Pracyk, M.D., Ph.D., MBA

"I leveraged my project into a post-PEMBA job offer with the world's largest healthcare company."

Two years after PEMBA, John Pracyk is the worldwide leader of medical and clinical affairs for a 1.7 billion dollar operating company.

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Patrick Godwin, M.D., MBA

"I am now equipped to work on projects and to make decisions about our health system with a much broader perspective."

Patrick Godwin believes that physician leaders must also understand the business of healthcare.

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