Franchise Certificate Program

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Franchise Certificate Program

Course Description

The Franchise Certificate Program provides students with a firm foundational knowledge of franchising as an entrepreneurial option. Entrepreneurs who want to balance the freedom of working for themselves with the support, training and name recognition of an existing brand will learn many facets of franchising. Those considering a career with a franchisor or desiring to enhance their franchise knowledge will also benefit from this comprehensive curriculum.

One Semester, Seven Franchise Elements

Within 13 weeks, you will gain experience in seven components of the franchise business.

  1. Franchising Foundations – how the franchising business model is different from other businesses
  2. Franchise Evaluation – how to determine the right franchise business for you
  3. Franchise Acquisition – how to write a business plan and obtain funding for your business
  4. Building Your Franchise Team – how to recruit, hire, onboard and retain franchise employees
  5. Franchise Leadership – how to model the qualities of a successful franchise leader
  6. Franchise Operations – how to manage and measure various operational components of franchising
  7. Franchise Growth – how to implement successful practices to ensure franchise growth

One Semester, Multiple Benefits

Completion of this certificate program will yield numerous tangible benefits.

  • Knowledge of franchising industry to decide if franchising is a viable business/career option
  • Best practices for operating a successful franchise business
  • Insight from franchise industry professionals
  • Networking with other students interested in franchising

Duration & Dates

One hour per day for 13 weeks January - March 2023


This course will be held remotely, but classes are live and synchronous.


Cordell Riley

UT brought in Cordell Riley, a franchising expert with nearly 30 years of experience, specifically for this program. Riley is a senior level executive with an extensive background in business... Full Bio


$4,000 per student, which includes all course materials