Doctoral Workshop

We would like to welcome PhD students to attend the doctoral workshop organized on Sunday, April 5, 2020, in Knoxville.

The objective of the workshop is twofold:

• to assist PhD students in building an international network of fellow PhD students and renowned faculty,
• and to assist PhD students in developing and improving their research projects.

Participating students will have the opportunity to present their research proposals, which will be discussed by their colleagues and senior faculty. The emphasis will be on theoretical and methodological issues. The workshop is supported by leading scholars in the field of purchasing and supply management. The 2020 doctoral workshop coordinators are Anni-Kaisa Kähkönen and Davide Luzzini.


Doctoral candidates interested in attending and presenting their research proposals should submit a brief statement of interest by November 15, 2019, to Anni-Kaisa Kähkönen ( and Davide Luzzini (

This statement should contain:
• your name
• affiliation
• name(s) of advisor(s)
• project title
• project description
• indication of where you currently are in the process of completing your doctorate.

The statements of interest are for planning purposes only. We understand that your actual participation in the workshop may depend on funding and on the outcomes of conference paper reviews.

A full research proposal (maximum of 20 pages) has to be submitted before January 2, 2020. The full research proposal will be reviewed.

The number of participants in the doctoral workshop is limited. Based on this review process, a maximum of 24 proposals will be accepted for presentation in the workshop. There is also room for PhD candidates that are not presenting in the actual workshop to participate.

Review criteria
• Clarity of research purpose (relevance, objectives and research questions)
• Review of relevant literature
• Thoughtful discussion of research methods
• Stage of the research

We would like to emphasize that submissions to the doctoral workshop should be research proposals. Finalized manuscripts, conference papers or journal articles should be submitted as working or competitive papers for the main conference.

Costs & Registration

There will be no extra fee for participation in the Doctoral Workshop. However, participation in the IPSERA 2020 Conference is requested. The PhD students presenting at the workshop will have the first priority to the reduced conference fee of €200. We offer the reduced PhD student fee for 25 PhD students. After the Doctoral Workshop participants, the reduced fee for other PhD students will be given in the order of registration.

To receive a reduced PhD rate send an email to Anni-Kaisa Kähkönen ( together with a statement of support from your supervisor or confirmation of enrollment in your respective doctoral program. You will then receive a code to register for the PhD rate through the regular IPSERA registration website. The reduced fee codes for the Doctoral Workshop participants will be provided at the same time as the acceptance to the Doctoral Workshop (January 22, 2020). After that, the codes for the reduced fees other than the Doctoral Workshop participants will be given in the order of registration.

Please note that registration for the conference is separate from registration for the Doctoral Workshop.

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