ACEI Founders’ Pledge

The Anderson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ACEI) empowers University of Tennessee, Knoxville, entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses while in school through experiential opportunities, programming, coaching, pitch competition funding, networking and more. We support entrepreneurs because we know they are a powerful catalyst for change, spurring economic and social growth with their innovation, discovery, creativity and resilient dedication.

We invite our UT founders to consider joining us in giving back to aspiring entrepreneurs and their ventures, inspiring our community and contributing to positive change in the world.

Randy Boyd signing Founder's Pledge

The ACEI Founders’ Pledge allows our entrepreneurs to signal their intention to empower altruism as they progress toward milestones on their entrepreneurial journey, connecting with university resources and other UT founders to leverage talent and networks.

By pledging a portion of their future venture’s success now, they align themselves with a tradition of giving back and set an example for fellow entrepreneurs. It also showcases their commitment to continue to support the UT and Tennessee entrepreneurial ecosystem as we light the way ahead for the future generation of entrepreneurs.

View the Founders’ Pledge Community

Lydia Capps

Lydia Capps (’25)

Wallace Real Estate

Maxwell Coggin

Maxwell Coggin (’26)

Pink Apron

Mark Huber

Mark Huber (’97)

iSustain Inc.

Emma Lakatosh

Emma Lakatosh (’25)

Dogwood Picnics

Pierce LaMacchia

Pierce LaMacchia (’12)

K Brew

Brennan Lessard

Brennan Lessard (’25)

Paint & Repair

Mickey Napier

Mickey Napier (’24)

Napier Athletics

Ian Parten

Ian Parten (’24)

MIC Foundation

Wesley Pitts

Wesley Pitts (’25)


Gary Pratt

Gary Pratt (’77)

Surgical Review Corporation

Alexa Schnittka

Alexa Schnittka (’24)

Athlete Meditations, LLC

Camden Shuman

Camden Shuman (’24)


Michael Tuber (’25)

Michael Tuber (’25)

T Squared Putters

Tony Tuber

Tony Tuber (’24)

T Squared Putters

Lia Winter

Lia Winter (’19)

Winter Innovations