University of Tennessee

Organizational Action Projects

Organizational action projects (OAPs) are a real-world component of all Haslam Executive MBA Programs. The following are select Executive MBA – Strategic Leadership OAP projects with their returns on investment.

Company Chemical Manufacturer
Project Focus Operations/Maintenance
Project Used Lean/TOC tools to plan and schedule maintenance activities.
ROI Reduced 2016 budget by $22M.
Company Food Processing
Project Focus Organizational Structure
Project Moved the company from a functional design to a cross-functional design.
ROI Saved the company over $1M.
Company Appliance Manufacturer
Project Focus Supply Chain
Project Introduced and implemented Lean and standardized work to a customer service center.  
ROI Handled a 20% volume increase with lower headcount YOY and improved employee engagement.
Company Chemical Manufacturer
Project Focus Marketing
Project Developed a strategic plan to grow our markets in Southeast Asia.
ROI We are implementing the plan in Japan, and I have been named Director of Global Business Development for the division.
Company Financial Services Firm
Project Focus Marketing
Project Conducted a strategic analysis of our market and products.
ROI Currently implementing two new products, and student was promoted to SVP of Consumer Lending.
Company Behavioral Healthcare Provider
Project Focus Operations 
Project Used time management techniques to focus our key leaders on KPIs and deliverables. 
ROI Expanded this effort to the management team and are expecting efficiency gains greater than 10%. 
Company Equipment Manufacturer
Project Focus Operations
Project Implemented Lean and kanban visual management tools.
ROI The plant is more profitable today on 50% less revenue than it was prior to the project.  Employees received their first profit sharing check last quarter.  The system has been rolled out to other plants, and many of the “Best Practices” are being rolled out corporate wide.  Also, this OAP got the student promoted, twice!