TennCare & Welfare Policy

Impact of TennCare

The Boyd Center contracts with the Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration to conduct an annual survey of Tennessee residents in order to ascertain their insurance status and use of medical facilities.


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Families First Case Characteristics Study

The Boyd Center devotes significant research efforts to analyzing Tennessee’s welfare program, Families First. Our work explores the effects of new time limits on benefits and the extent to which those who leave the program eventually return to the rolls.

2010 Families First Case

Insure Tennessee Report

Why do so many Tennesseans not have health insurance? A large part of the answer may simply be cost. In this report, the Boyd Center used data from The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System produced by the Centers for Disease Control, the American Community Survey and healthcare.gov to provide a profile of Tennesseans who would be eligible for insurance under Insure Tennessee.

Who Benefits Under Insure Tennessee?