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Haseeb has recently joined the Department of Management in Spring 2019 as an Adjunct Lecturer, first teaching ENT 350 and then MGT 202. Haseeb holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a double major in Psychology from Carnegie Mellon and a J.D. from University of Tennessee College of Law. He has been a Tennessee licensed attorney since 2011, and a self-taught coder since 2000. Never wanting to intentionally practice law, Haseeb has always been incredibly curious and passionate for creatives within business, music, and design realms — and now particularly within the business and startup realm. Before finishing his last year of law school, Haseeb had a short stint as a studio manager in Ojai, California (right outside of Los Angeles), capping his experience as an audio engineer for years previous. Haseeb went on to start a web development company in 2012, where we was fortunate enough to work with a majority of advertising agencies in the region, including having won a competitive RFP for re-envisioning the City of Knoxville’s website and user interface. In 2014, Haseeb took his full-stack development knowledge and appetite for startups to start an audio technology startup called Audiohand. Its premise was to leverage every fan’s smartphone to create unique, fan-persecutive recordings of every live concert.After three intense years of pushing his startup, including having obtained and been awarded by the USPTO a software patent on the startup’s core technology, Haseeb started working part-time for Morehous Legal Group, PLLC in 2017 — the very same firm in which he retained for his startup’s corporate needs. In 2018, Haseeb quickly become invested in the practice of law and closing the gap between founders and lawyers, especially in the world of startups and entrepreneurship. Fast forward, Haseeb presently serves as a full-time Attorney and Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) for Morehous Legal Group, PLLC. He has received statewide recognition as a “Legal Pioneer” for his perspectives on the law industry and his work with startups and entrepreneurs at all stages. Affectionately known by his initials, HQ remains actively involved in several organizations visible within the Knoxville community. He is committed to the advocacy of this region, its people, and to its creative and productive energy. Haseeb spends most of his downtime with his wife, grabbing coffee, and helping others wherever possible. Feel free to send him a DM at @_hq on Instagram or Twitter, or email him directly at hquresh2@utk.edu or at hq@morehouslegal.com.