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Majoring in business opens up your career opportunities. Becoming part of the Haslam community opens your eyes to the world.

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What can you do with a business degree?

What can’t you do? Business majors turn passion projects into livelihoods and provide the products and process the world needs to function.

Meet Some Vols

What do I need as a new student?

Every assignment. Every class. Every communication runs through your required laptop at Haslam. Here’s your guide to making sure you get every thing you need.

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Vols Give Back

Haslam College of Business students embody the Volunteer Spirit. Fueled by their passion and energy, many of our students enthusiastically embrace opportunities to volunteer, showcasing their generosity and commitment to community engagement.

First Year Programs

Venture LLC

Live together, learn together and build bonds that last a lifetime in a business focused living, learning community.

First-Year Abroad Experience

Learn about international business concepts in Cuba or Costa Rica among your first-year peers.

BUAD 100

Our one-hour seminar course helps bring new students fully into the Haslam community and maximize their experience at the college.

Come See Us

If you haven’t set foot on UT’s campus yet, it’s an orange experience like no other. Haslam lies right at its heart, and one of our college ambassadors would love to give you a student’s eye view.

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Transfer Students

Get the info on how to become a business major at UT, whether you’re joining from another college on campus or another institution.