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The Haslam Experience

There are a few phrases you’ll hear a lot in connection to the Haslam Experience. Each relates to a different stage of your journey as a student and what our best and brightest embody along the way.

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Haslam Ready

We’re looking for students who are ready to explore. Ready to take initiative. Ready to see what might be possible in the world of business.

Haslam Engaged

Your degree is so much more than classes. We intend to fully engage you in activities and communities that put your education to work and develop you as a person.

Haslam Prepared

With the Haslam Experience, you enter the business world prepared for a bright and successful future.

What’s Great About Haslam?

Active Community

Haslam is a place where the deans know your name. Faculty, students and staff support each other and actively work toward everyone succeeding—on and off campus. Students will receive Individualized support from a host of student services offices.

Engaged Academics

Our faculty and their research advise and engage with executives from companies that shape our economy and economies across the globe. And we build programs in and out of the classroom that help you build upon their expertise.

Far-Reaching Reputation

Haslam’s business programs top the undergraduate ranking lists year after year. But we’ve also built reputations and relationships with organizations over decades through our alumni’s stellar impact. We integrate students into this network from day one to build better business leaders.

What it looks like:

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Being a VOL

UT’s sport scene is never dull. But with more than 300 social, academic, charitable, athletic and activism clubs, you’ll find being a Vol is much more than being a fan. It’s about connecting on campus and impacting the beautiful broader community of Knoxville.

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Hear From Some Vols

Follow us on Instragram to hear the latest news and see Haslam students in action. Or, hear from some students and alumni in their own words what it’s like to be a Vol imajoring in business and enter the business world.

Isabelle McKinney

Isabelle McKinney


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Shina Adeleke

Shina Adeleke


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Francesca Bozzacco

Francesca Bozzacco


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Haslam Leaders Curriculum

Learn more about our Haslam Leaders Curriculum, including BUAD 100, 200, 300, & 405.

Mentor Programs

Connect with Mentors

Haslam Network

Haslam Network, a peer-to-peer mentor program, connects first-year students and juniors to help first-year students get started on the right path to success. Navigating the transition from high school to college can be tricky. First-year students gain independence and are making choices that create habits for success. Haslam Network connects first-year students with juniors who recently experienced this transition and created these success habits. Throughout the first year, students will meet with juniors to learn more about how they navigated change, approached the unique challenges of the fall and spring semester, engaged with college and university student organizations, explored potential majors and careers, and succeed in college-level coursework.

Haslam Network also connects participants with members of the college’s young alumni council throughout the fall and spring semester for personal and professional mentorship. These young alumni share stories and experiences from their college journey, what they do in industry, and talk about the importance of professional exploration and development.

Haslam Network is open to all first-year students and juniors in the Haslam College of Business. For more information about Haslam Network or to get involved, contact for more information. Enrollment in Haslam Network occurs during the fall semester but first-year students can enroll at any point during their first year. The application to participate is shared in Haslam Headlines during the fall semester. If you are looking to join outside of the application window, contact to get signed up!

Sophomore Mentoring Program

The sophomore mentoring program is designed to provide second-year students with a guide or framework to helping them navigate their second year at the Haslam College of Business as they prepare for upper level coursework as well as internship ready preparation. Program participants are paired with a mentor to aid students in navigating academic and professional development objectives. We support educational learning of our students through several core initiatives including academic support, retention programming and professional development opportunities.

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