Jenny Pan

Supply Chain Management

This past summer after my second-year at UT, I had the great privilege to intern for McCormick & Company in Maryland as their distribution intern. For the duration of my internship, I focused on my main project which was to create and implement a new manual activity sheet for 117 distribution technicians to record their manual downtime. In addition, I also assisted my manager in monthly scoring for business reviews while using SAP and excel.

I also performed time studies on 10 different receiving shipments to determine a new LMS receiving standard. I approached each of my tasks this summer with confidence because of my education and the professional support I’ve received from the faculty at UT these past two years.

The support I’ve received from McCormick & Company was also very similar to UT. People genuinely cared about my growth and well-being. Everyone were quick to share their knowledge and experiences with me. I learned a lot and felt valued as an intern. As I ended my internship, not only did I gain a wide breadth of knowledge of the company and the distribution center, I also garnered valuable relationships with both the employees and the interns.