Sidi Kazungu

International business initiatives and programs pose a personal and professional interest for me.

Undergraduate Programs - Staff

As an academic advisor in Haslam’s Office of Undergraduate Program’s for the last five years, Sidi Kazungu’s experience in and passion for international affairs has had a tremendous influence on students.

Kazungu’s father served for 35 years in the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya. Watching her father take pride in his global workplace, Kazungu always perceived herself as a citizen of the world.

“My father told me that he wanted me gain skills that would allow me to pick any place in the world that I would like to live and work,” says Kazungu. “Other than my father and my sister, I am the only person my village to get a college degree. This is why I value the importance of a higher education, especially for women. It has both a personal and professional interest to me.”

This ambitious mindset led Kazungu to sample three different educational systems — Kenyan, British and American. At 17, Kazungu moved to the United States to attend college at Heidelberg University and has used diverse educational and professional opportunities to continue broadening her horizons.

Kazungu’s undergraduate degree was in international relations, and prior to joining the Haslam College of Business she worked extensively on international programming initiatives for the admissions office of Heidelberg University in Ohio. She later earned a master’s degree in environmental sciences from Miami University in Ohio and is currently pursuing her doctorate in political science here at the University of Tennessee.

In addition to her primary advising responsibilities, Kazungu also is actively engaged in the International Business Club as its advisor.

“International business initiatives and programs pose a personal and professional interest for me,” she says. “And I want to encourage the students in the International Business Club to interact with various global business professionals.”

She has helped coordinate many guest speakers for the club, most notably a panel discussion this past semester with Mark Moon, Kathy Wood, Diane Mollenkopf and Dan Flint on how student can invest smartly, think globally and market themselves post-graduation in an ever increasing global business world.

Kazungu received the Excellence in Advising Award this past year due to her dedication and passion for working with the students in the Haslam College of Business. In her spare time, she enjoys giving back to various causes.

“It’s so important to give back. A huge part of where I am is because I was once on the receiving end myself” she says. Kazungu also enjoys travelling, constructive political debates, yoga and spending time with family and her partner.