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Design Thinking

Course Description

Design Thinking creates new ideas that solve problems in a way that aligns with how people intuitively work. Using advanced techniques of observation and creative thinking, new underlying insights about human behavior emerge. Then from these insights, potential solutions are generated using brainstorming techniques that designed to expand thinking. Once potential solutions are discovered, small tests are used to gauge accuracy of the assumptions that are the foundation of the novel design.

Design Thinking has been confined to new product design but is now emerging as the path to innovation and improved performance in everyday work. These techniques are the partner of analytic thinking that removes waste and optimizes processes by creating the starting point of a new process.

This course uses a simulation developed by IDEO and Experience Point to help participants experience the Design Thinking process. Then, students hone their base skills to be able to implement the process in their own workplace.

Duration & Dates

This is a 2-day course.


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