Jared Worsham

Worsham says one of his motivations is helping people connect with others.

Center for Student Engagement & Success, Undergraduate Programs - Staff

Jared Worsham’s (Marketing, ’19) favorite time of year on campus is the beginning of the fall semester. 

“We’re welcoming people back and bringing in new students. It’s always fun,” says Worsham.

For Worsham, it’s also an extremely busy time of year. As student engagement coordinator for the Haslam College of Business Center for Student Engagement and Success, he works to help students find their home within Haslam.

Worsham uses his marketing knowledge to communicate engagement opportunities to students. With 29 student organizations in Haslam and a variety of college- and department-hosted events, a range of options are open to students. 

“I’ve always wanted to do work that has a positive impact on others,” Worsham says. “I feel like I get to do that each day. I have the chance to communicate the value added by being an involved student.”

As a staff member, Worsham understands the importance of involvement in one’s community. He serves on the Chancellor’s Commission for LGBTQ+ People, using his communication skills to engage the campus community and alumni. He also collaborates with departments across the college, helping them create and share events with students in mind.

“It’s one of the things that motivates me,” says Worsham. “I love connecting people.”

Worsham helps student organizations grow and thrive by serving as the advisor to the marketing committee for these groups. Worsham coaches the students through discussions of branding, identity and promotion and encourages them to keep an important goal in mind

“Whatever we put out, we want to make sure everyone can see themselves as part of the Haslam community,” says Worsham.

One of the tools he uses to achieve this welcoming objective is his talent as a photographer. Worsham can often be seen around the Haslam community with his camera in hand, capturing images for the Haslam Instagram account and other marketing initiatives for the college. 

Off campus, he has been recognized for his self-taught skills as a professional photographer, with his work recently on display as part of a Dogwood Arts photography show in Knoxville. The exhibition featured his photographs of historic architecture, celebrating downtown Knoxville. 

Worsham challenges himself to consider different perspectives in photography and his community. In his free time, he hosts community discussion dinners, bringing together diverse groups of people. Much like his work connecting students with engagement opportunities, he says these gatherings help him achieve his goal of making a difference in the world around him.

“To be able to work for UT and not only impact students but the community around me has been a great opportunity,” says Worsham.