Luc Lipcius

Lipcius says Haslam’s MBA program has helped him balance his time between academics and sports.

- Student

Baseball dreams brought Luc Lipcius to the University of Tennessee. Along with his twin brother, Andre, he was recruited to join the UT baseball team in 2017.

“It was a great opportunity, and after touring the campus, I fell in love with UT, and how nice the people are here,” Lipcius says.

As a member of the team, he has enjoyed a successful career as first baseman, helping the team win the SEC championship this year. However, after completing a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering in 2021, it was plans for his business career that drew him to the Haslam College of Business .

Lipcius enrolled in the dual MS-MBA program, allowing him to work toward an MBA in Haslam while continuing his studies in aerospace engineering in the Tickle College of Engineering. The dual MS-MBA program addresses the critical need for personnel trained in both engineering and management who can integrate an increasingly complex body of knowledge for rapid introduction of new products to the marketplace.

As an engineering undergraduate student, Lipcius formed an interest in propulsion and sees jet-engine product development as his ideal future career. He knew an understanding of business matched with his engineering education and innovative mindset would bring him closer to his dream of working with companies like GE and Rolls Royce.

“The dual program was the perfect fit to get me where I wanted to be with my career,” Lipcius says.

Haslam has provided the support he needs to pursue these goals as an MBA student while meeting the demands of being a student athlete. His days begin early with coffee and classes, and his afternoons are filled with baseball practice. Time management skills learned in the MBA program have helped him balance his focus between the field and the classroom.

“I try to complete my assignments ahead of schedule and don’t have to rush,” he says. “There is a good amount of time in the day to succeed in both areas.”

The MBA program’s resources, like career coaching, have helped him feel more prepared for his future after he earns his MS-MBA.

“Haslam has done an amazing job providing resources to prepare students for a smooth transition from school to the real world,” Lipcius says.