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Pre-Collegiate Programs Accounting and Information Management (AIM) Academy

The Aim Academy is a summer program for underrepresented high school students interested in learning more about accounting and information management.

Accounting and Information Management (AIM) Academy — sponsored by Crowe LLP — is a six-day summer program that introduces underrepresented rising high school juniors to the field of accounting and information management and business-related careers. During the six-day sessions, students attend workshops in accounting, finance, entrepreneurship and professional development taught by university faculty and staff. Students also interact with one another through team building sessions, engage in college readiness workshops and learn from professionals in the field of business through sessions with industry leaders.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students learn about accounting and industry best practices related to accounting principles, including personal finance, accountability in business = accounting, managing your business with accounting and introduction to financial statements
  • Students participate in college readiness sessions including, ACT Prep, college classes, campus life and how to apply to college
  • Students are exposed to dynamic and empowering career paths in the field of accounting
  • Students engage in team-building opportunities and are exposed to corporate professionals
  • Students participate in a financial literacy workshop to learn the importance of being financially secure in the future and how it relates to accounting
  • Students demonstrate and develop an understanding of professionalism, business etiquette and networking
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The last date to apply for the program is March 29, 2024.
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Registration for this program has ended.