Amy Jared

“I feel a responsibility and a duty to ensure that our students are competitive for the best jobs on the market.”

Center for Student Engagement & Success, Undergraduate Programs - Staff

Amy Jared is one of two coordinators of undergraduate professional and career development in the Haslam College of Business’s new student engagement and success center. She assists undergraduate students with obtaining strategies and resources for the achievement of higher, value-added educational outcomes and career opportunities. 

Jared meets with students one-on-one to help with résumé building, interviewing, internships and other career aspirations.  A larger component of her role also entails developing curriculum for a new course at Haslam in a professional development series called, BUAD 300:  “Becoming Personally and Professionally Aware as a Leader.” Jared will be one of the course’s instructors and will oversee instruction for the course overall.

“My career goals are to build the best, most effective curriculum for our students and for them to be able to walk away from this course with the confidence to obtain and secure the best possible job on the market” she says. “By researching best practices and reviewing data, I strive to impart this knowledge and these skill sets to our students.”

Three other courses contribute to the new professional development series focused on the college’s four pillars: inclusion, integrity, insight and impact. Each of the four courses will be required in sequence for business students in order to develop skills related to career self-efficacy. Students who graduate with these skills are are more apt to obtain higher paying and more sought after jobs, and many students obtain these jobs before receiving their diploma.

“I feel a responsibility and a duty to ensure that our students are competitive for the best jobs on the market,” Jared says. “This curriculum will lend to that goal. What an amazing bragging right to say that our college invests not only in the specific areas of study per major for our students, but also into their success for the procurement of a successful career.”

While Jared initially moved to east Tennessee for her husband’s job, she found it is home because of the purpose her new role at the college brings her and her love of living close to the mountains.

Jared enjoys working at the University of Tennessee because of the people here and the level of commitment her coworkers show to students.

“Our college houses the most insightful minds and hard-working people,” she says. “This motivates me to be a better person. I am so thankful to be a part of something great, and I know that our college will only continue to grow. I enjoy working with our students and hearing of their success.”

Jared says that alumni involvement is paramount to the future of the center for student engagement and success.

“As the business market and corporate climate is ever changing, so are the needs of the students we represent and educate,” Jared says. “With monetary funds, we can utilize cutting-edge technology, professional development labs and hands-on skill development and programs. One of our objectives is to expand our VolTreks programming. This program works to expand students’ career knowledge through local, regional and national employer site visits and ultimately cover the funding for that exposure for our students.”

Jared has been married for 19 years to her husband Chris and has two children: Malachi, a junior at Alcoa High School, and Laikyn, a freshman. Both are highly involved in athletics and leadership activities and plan to major in business. Laiykn plans to pursue a career in the legal field.

“I enjoy visiting the mountains, but my most favorite thing is visiting New York City. I am in love with the city, the culture, the atmosphere, and I love to explore.  Many people collect items, but I like to collect memories; memories with my family, friends and new people I meet,” she says.