Harvey Castro

“The efficiency tools PEMBA has given me have made me a better leader.”

Physician Executive MBA - Student

As the president of Trusted ER, Dr. Harvey Castro leads nine healthcare facilities, including seven emergency care locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas.

For the ER physician and current Haslam College of Business Physician Executive MBA student, this means implementing new processes during a critical time in healthcare. As part of his company’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Castro launched a telemedicine platform for patients and staff. This software has allowed the company to better serve patients, encouraging them to seek medical services.

“It addresses one of the biggest challenges right now–how can we get patients to come through the door who need to be there,” said Castro.

He said the knowledge he has gained in the PEMBA program has helped him make important decisions in many areas of the business, including providing staff with personal protective equipment and the latest technology.

“The efficiency tools PEMBA has given me have made me a better leader,” said Castro. “For example, with technology, like telemedicine, I can look at the situation more analytically, like a business.”

As Castro learns from PEMBA, he has given back, becoming a donor prior to his upcoming December 2020 graduation. His recent gift will fund the Dr. Harvey Castro Team Room, displaying his support of the success of future PEMBA students.

Castro also serves as the company’s spokesperson, sharing information about COVID-19 and an array of health topics via NBC, Telemundo and his professional and business social media channels. He also created a hotline where he personally takes healthcare questions to help keep people informed.

The press calls, leadership meetings and exploration of partnerships with hospitals create a daunting schedule, but Castro remains dedicated to finding solutions that provide the best care for patients.

Castro seeks to offer positive messaging to encourage self-care in the face of uncertain times. In addition to social distancing, Castro advocates for healthy habits, including a focus on sleep, exercise and proper nutrition.

“These are things you can do now,” said Harvey. “At the end of the day, we only have control over ourselves, and there’s a lot we can do to take care of ourselves that will enable us to care for others.”