Lawrence Alexander

Alexander credits lessons learned at Haslam as keys to her success, especially the importance of building relationships.

- Alumni

As an auditor, Lawrence Alexander (HCB, ’09, MAcc, ’10), believes in relationship building.

“Most clients don’t receive an audit because they want to; they have to,” Alexander says. “It’s important to build a trusted business relationship with clients. My favorite part is building that relationship, so clients know they can reach out for assistance.”

Alexander is a senior manager in the audit and advisory group at LBMC, PC, in Knoxville. Her primary role is performing financial statement audits for clients in a variety of industries including healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, nonprofit organizations, employee benefit plans and captive insurance companies.

“My typical day varies,” says Alexander. “I may be onsite at a client’s office working with an audit team, consulting with clients on issues or questions, doing a board presentation for a client, preparing a proposal for a prospective client or attending a networking event.”

Alexander credits lessons learned in the Haslam College of Business as keys to her successful career.

“My experience at Haslam taught me to be self-motivated and to take personal ownership and responsibility for my path,” says Alexander. “I learned the importance of building relationships, whether it be with classmates, faculty or administration and building and maintaining relationships has been crucial to my success.”

Alexander applies these lessons in building relationships with leadership and keeping open lines of communication.

“If I have a concern or know a place where we can improve, I feel like I can discuss this with them,” says Alexander. “I’ve always taken the approach of not being afraid to voice concerns and talk about areas for improvement.”

Alexander says her greatest career accomplishment to date is her two sons. “Being their mother while also continuing to pursue my career at LBMC is my biggest success,” she says.

Staying connected with Haslam and UT is also important for the accounting alumna. She often returns to campus to recruit students for LBMC and serve as an advisor to her sorority. She offers students the advice that helped push her own career forward.

“Have a good attitude – show up ready and willing to learn and take on whatever task is asked of you,” says Alexander. “Be ready to take on a challenge and willing to pitch in and contribute to the success of your team however you can.”