Sharath Sriman

Working at Haslam enables Sriman to affect many people's live in a positive way.

Executive Education - Staff

Sharath Sriman began his association with the Haslam College of Business as a student. A 2009 graduate of the Haslam MBA program, Sriman today serves as an assistant director in the Office of Graduate and Executive Education (GEE) in the Haslam College of Business.

“I supervise the Data Analysis, Research and Technology (DART) team,” Sriman says. “My team and I primarily focus on administering the various customer relationship platforms used by GEE; assisting programs with their marketing, enrollment and recruitment goals; and providing support to the faculty, staff and students in GEE.”

Sriman and his team plan, communicate and collaborate with seven MBA programs and other entities within the university to ensure that they enable GEE programs to succeed.

His work proved itself in the recent Financial Times Executive MBA Ranking. The Executive MBA program was number one among U.S. public institutions for alumni satisfaction.

“I think this is affirmation of the great lengths that program teams go to to make their students successful, and I am proud to be a part of an organization and college that empowers their students,” Sriman says.

For Sriman, bringing achievement to GEE programs is intertwined with his desire to support others’ success.

“I had interned with the Executive MBA program during the summer of 2009 as a part of my MBA coursework, and I experienced firsthand the impact that the programs make in the lives of its students,” Sriman says.

He noticed a butterfly effect that positively influenced not only the students and their organizations, but also their family, friends, co-workers and communities.

“I knew working here would allow me the opportunity to enhance indirectly the lives of many people, which was something I had always wanted to do,” Sriman says.

Eleven years later, he still is proud to call Haslam and GEE home sweet home.

“My favorite aspect of working for GEE is still the same reason I chose to build my career here – the impact that the institution is able to make in society and the scope for innovation,” Sriman says. “GEE has a great set of thought leaders to learn from, so what better way for continuous lifelong learning?”