Terrell “T.J.” Broady

I receive most of my energy and big heart from my family.

- Student

Senior Terrell “T.J.” Broady Jr. learned how to be his own boss from his entrepreneurial parents. Broady’s parents both owned and operated their own businesses in his hometown of Nashville for many years — his father, a funeral home, and his mother, a beauty salon.

“My parents both set the standard for me to chase my passion in the world of business since I was born,” Broady says. At the age of seven, he tested the entrepreneurial waters by starting a small toy buyback and resale business. Broady says he is where he is today because of his family.

“I receive most of my energy and big heart from my family,” Broady says. “My younger brother, Bradley, is the best friend anyone could ask for. He helps me with everything in life and our relationship is very deep.”

Broady chose to attend UT at an early age, and found ample classes in management and entrepreneurship at Haslam to bolster what he gleaned at home. Since stepping on campus as a freshmen, he dedicated himself to community service and leadership. He is the president of the Multicultural Mentoring Program, an organization making great strides toward mentoring first-year and transfer students.

Alongside his girlfriend, Brianna Mason, Broady is the co-founder and co-president of Advocates for Autism, a group that aims to raise awareness at UT about autism and funds to support local families and individuals on the spectrum.

“My little sister, Bethany, who is diagnosed with autism and has Down syndrome, inspired this organization,” Broady says. “I’m very proud of it.” In the spring of 2014, he was awarded the Volunteer of the Year scholarship by the Division of Student life.

Broady plans to pursue an MBA and take over his family’s businesses.

“I also want to invest in start-ups and create some of my own,” he says. “I truly believe in being a servant for the Lord, shining the light I have toward others every step that I take, because the Volunteer spirit doesn’t stop at graduation.”