Haslam Student Attends Capitalism Seminar

May 27, 2015

James McDowell profile photoJames McDowell, a senior in finance and economics, recently attended the Communicating Capitalism seminar in Clemson, South Carolina, on a full scholarship. McDowell received the scholarship after submitting a short essay to the Foundation for Economic Education on the financial impact of corporate ethics.

McDowell was alerted to the seminar by Ray DeGennaro, Haslam College of Business Professor of Banking and Finance, after writing a paper on the same topic for his financial theory and practice class.

“I found it very interesting that even though companies are punished financially for unethical actions there are still large enough incentives for a rational person to cheat,” McDowell said. “I was interested in the opportunity to discuss my ideas with industry professionals, especially as an undergraduate student.”

The Communicating Capitalism seminar, held this year on May 21-24, is aimed at young adults ages 18-25 and features speakers on various topics surrounding the moral justifications of capitalism. The seminar was sponsored by the Foundation for Economic Education Young Leaders program and the Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism.

For more information about the Communicating Capitalism seminar, please visit: http://fee.org/seminars/detail/communicating-capitalism