Bachelor’s in Management

What is Management?

Managers motivate and coordinate people in order to achieve organizational goals. Management involves the critical functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Professional managers think strategically and work with others to lead organizations or departments to successful outcomes.

Career Opportunities in Management

Management education enables one to pursue varied career opportunities in organizations. People who move into management positions are generally effective problem-solvers and communicators. They are successful at organizing work and motivating others to accomplish tasks. Management education is also excellent preparation for graduate studies.

High School Preparation

High school students should follow a college preparatory curriculum and take their high school’s recommended courses in Math, English, and Foreign Language. Appropriate electives include any business courses, as well as courses in computer software applications and written and oral communication. The Haslam College of Business further encourages all high school students to 1) explore international business issues and opportunities, 2) participate in student organizations and clubs, and 3) volunteer in their community.

How do I Major in Management?

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, students have multiple options in pursuing the study of management as their undergraduate major.

  • Management Major, BS in Business Administration – Collateral Option
  • Management Major, BS in Business Administration – Integrated Business and Engineering Program
  • Management Major, BS in Business Administration – International Business Concentration



Three Tracks within Management UG Major

Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness

Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises

Workforce Analytics