SEO Ph.D. Program Graduate Students

Profile picture of Becca Arwine

Becca Arwine

Becca Arwine entered the Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations program in 2020. She received her Bachelor of Science in Business from Miami University.

Prior to entering the doctoral program, she worked as an assistant director in the Institute for Entrepreneurship at Miami University, as well as spent time in the marketing analytics space. Her research interests include entrepreneurial cognition, identity, and social entrepreneurship.

Profile picture of Ace Beorchia

Ace Beorchia

Ace Beorchia entered the Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations program in 2018. Prior to joining the program, he earned his B.A. in International Business and his M.S. in Sociology from Utah State University.

His research largely focuses on the social, cultural, and relational aspects of entrepreneurship. Particularly, he researches minority and underrepresented entrepreneurship by studying the institutional norms and rules that shape the entrepreneurial process for particular groups of entrepreneurs. Additionally, he studies how external actors influence the entrepreneurial process and identity.

Profile picture of Tan Kim

Tan Kim

Tan Kim entered the SEO program in the Fall of 2020.

His research interests broadly center on corporate political behavior and sustainability in an uncertain environment. More specifically, his research examines how firms and entrepreneurs maintain high status as they deal with political aspects involving reputation, stakeholder management, corporate social responsibility, and non-market strategy. His research also addresses nascent entrepreneurs’ bricolage strategy and resource mobilization as micro-foundation for bricolage.

Tan earned his M.S. in Business Administration at Seoul National University and Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Political Science at Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea. Before joining academia, Tan worked as an administrative officer in the Korean Academy of Management, a human resource specialist with GS Global Corporation, and served as an intelligence officer (1st lieutenant) in the Republic of Korea Air Force.

Profile picture of Ashley Roccapriore

Ashley Roccapriore

Ashley Roccapriore is a Ph.D. student in the Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations program, starting in the Fall of 2018. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Small Business from Auburn University, and her MBA and Master of Science Degree in Marketing from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Prior to entering the doctoral program, she worked as a senior analyst and team lead at a large telecom company leading cost improvement initiatives for North America, as well as with numerous small businesses and start-ups directing marketing campaigns, customer retention strategies, and entrepreneurial growth plans. Her primary research interests include how stakeholders make decisions, both rational and irrational, about entrepreneurs, specifically in the investment context. She is also interested in the effect of failure, interpersonal relationships, and the role of context in decision-making.

Profile picture of Gavin Williamson

Gavin Williamson

Gavin Williamson is a Ph.D. student in the Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Organization program, entering in the Fall of 2020. He received his B.A in Business Administration with a minor in Entrepreneurship from Lycoming College.

Prior to joining the program, Gavin worked in various roles in nonprofits and freelanced as a GMAT tutor on the side.

Gavin’s research interests include exploring how entrepreneurs and stakeholders engage with each other and unpacking the attitudes that influence how people take entrepreneurial action.

Profile picture of Nataliia Yakushko

Nataliia Yakushko

Nataliia Yakushko entered the Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Organizations Ph.D. program in 2021. She received her MBA from Valdosta State University and her Bachelor of Business Administration in finance from Ivan Franko National University in Lviv, Ukraine. Prior to joining the Ph.D. program, Nataliia was managing a family entertainment center in Valdosta, GA.

Her research interests center on strategic decision-making processes, strategic entrepreneurial orientation and innovation. She is interested in the impact of policy on business performance and entrepreneurs’ founding and other critical business decisions.