Smokey Mountain Finance Conference

Each spring, the Finance Department hosts the Smokey* Mountain Finance Conference. Eight to ten speakers from prominent universities join our faculty and PhD students for two days of research presentations in a unique Smoky Mountain venue. The small and intimate nature of the retreat coupled with the mountain beauty offer an ideal setting for exchanging ideas and forging new relationships.

Smokey Mountain Finance Conference

* “Smokey” is the mascot for the University of Tennessee. The conference is named after a combination of the Smoky Mountains and “Smokey” the dog. 

2024 External Speakers:

Nikhil Paradkar, University of Georgia
Nadya Malenko, Boston College
Xuelin Li, Columbia University
Tony Cookson, University of Colorado Boulder
Tao Shu, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Eliezer M. Fich, Drexel University
Veronika Pool, Vanderbilt University
Manuel Adelino, Duke University

2023 External Speakers:

Laura Field, University of Delaware
Janet Gao, Georgetown University
Jon Karpoff, University of Washington
Katharina Lewellen, Dartmouth
Zexong (Zack) Liu, University of Houston
Rabih Moussawi, Villanova University
Paul Tetlock, Columbia University
Kumar Venkataraman, Southern Methodist University

2022 External Speakers:

Justin Birru, The Ohio State University
Audra Boone, Texas Christian University
David Brown, University of Arizona
Richard Evans, University of Virginia
Paul Irvine, Texas Christian University
David McLean, Georgetown University
Sandra Mortal, University of Alabama
Mikhail Simutin, University of Toronto

2019 External Speakers:

Jess Cornaggia, Penn State University
Caitlin Dannhauser, Villanova University
David Denis, University of Pittsburgh
Jesse Ellis, NC State University
Clifton Green, Emory University
Greg Kadlec, Virginia Tech
Jim Linck, Southern Methodist University
Lalitha Naveen, Temple University

2018 External Speakers:

George Aragon, Arizona State University
Todd Gormley, Washington University in St. Louis
Andrew Karolyi, Cornell University
Kai Li, University of British Columbia
Karl Lins, University of Utah
Paige Ouimet, UNC Chapel Hill
Sophie Shive, University of Notre Dame
Scott Yonker, Cornell University

2017 External Speakers:

Ian Appel, Boston College
Diane Denis, University of Pittsburgh
Roger Edelen, University of California Davis
Stu Gillan, University of Georgia
John Griffin, University of Texas at Austin
Darren Kisgen, Boston College
Dave Solomon, University of Southern California
Mao Ye, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

2016 External Speakers:

Dan Bradley, University of South Florida
Joey Engelberg, UC San Diego
Erik Gilje, Wharton / University of Pennsylvania
John Graham, Duke University
Michelle Lowry, Drexel University
Bill Maxwell, Southern Methodist University
Matt Ringgenberg, Washington University St. Louis
Noah Stoffman, Indiana University