Sponsored Degree Programs

A Complete Executive MBA Package for Healthcare Organizations

Our Executive MBA programs help you build a cohort of administrative and clinical changemakers to lead your way forward. The transformations in healthcare are driving change in fundamental strategies and operating approaches. You need leaders across every function who understand the details of your business, see the full picture of financial and care challenges, know the latest approaches across the field and make a difference. 

Sponsorship That Fits Your Budget

Margins are tight in healthcare, making it harder to identify and sponsor top talent to attend an Executive MBA program. We know the realities and work with you to create a custom sponsorship package. Tuition for our physician and healthcare leadership Executive MBA programs is priced aggressively versus comparable programs. 

Sponsorship That Fits Your Workload

We make it easy for you to offer degree sponsorship for your team. We can work with you for a department or set up a sponsorship program for leaders from across the organization. We can start with one participant or a target group, then review and adapt the plan each year. You will have the full support of our team each step of the way. We help your participants understand the program and prepare to participate. We manage their EMBA experience from start to graduation, including the applied projects the students tackle for your organization. 

Right Roles

You will find programs to cover all of your key performers across clinical and administrative roles. The Physician Executive MBA (PEMBA) is a focused experience for physicians to master the non-clinical challenges of strategy, finance and leadership. The Executive MBA for Healthcare Leadership (EMBA-HL) brings together administrators and clinicians from across the sector to build the skills needed to transform healthcare organizations.

Right Size

Your participants earn their degree in a single year – 11 months to be exact. Our Executive MBA programs take your team out of the office for fewer than 25 days over the course of that year. Those days are spent in intensive collaborations with other top leaders from across the sector, building skills, contacts and new perspectives. 

Right Results

Our sponsored EMBA participants report an average of $6.5 million in return to their organizations. Application is the focus from day one. Our students do not follow the traditional approach of learning in a classroom, practicing on paper at home and then finding ways to apply their learning after graduation. Your sponsored students discuss strategies and best practices in the context of your organization and analyze your business as part of their assignments. Each assignment and coaching conversation throughout the year returns real results for your organization.

The Organizational Action Project is key to creating this impact. Your participants examine an area of need at your company and build a plan to improve it. The EMBA program provides the structure needed to advance major projects that too often get pushed aside by day-to-day challenges. Your EMBA sponsorship program can pay for itself with lower costs than the consulting fees it would take to solve the same challenges, and your projects are approached with greater insight, ownership and long-term vision.

Join a Network Tackling the Future of Healthcare

Your organization’s top performers will join peers tackling the toughest questions for health outcomes and financial success from across healthcare including providers, payers and medical device, technology and pharmaceutical companies.

Top Level Clinical and Administrative Participants

Medical Director108
Senior Executive94
Department Director60
Board Member4