Student Organizations

UT Investment Group

The University of Tennessee Investment Group (UTIG) is a student-led organization dedicated to improving financial literacy and to helping members develop practical investment skills. UTIG hosts a 10-week trading competition, Wolf of Vol Street, where more than 100 students compete for cash prizes each semester. Membership is open to all academic levels and all majors from all colleges.

Financial Management Association

The Financial Management Association (FMA) is a student organization committed to expanding the academic horizons and career opportunities at the University of Tennessee. The Financial Management Association hosts monthly business speakers, and active members are eligible to take trips to New York or Chicago and Omaha.

Tennessee Capital Markets Society

The Tennessee Capital Markets Society (TCMS) is a selective student-managed organization that helps students move into high-profile jobs by providing the skills required for a career in capital markets. The society connects members with alumni who work for well-respected firms and prepares members for the interview process.

Torch Funds

The Torch Funds allow graduate and undergraduate finance majors at the Haslam College of Business to gain valuable experience managing a portfolio of securities on a live exchange. Students must apply to become Torch Fund managers, and the process is highly competitive. The college’s Carroll, Haslam, LaPorte and McClain Torch Fund managers have unlimited access to the Masters Investment Learning Center’s resources to manage these funds.