Education Policy Research

The Boyd Center produces research on various facets of education policy on both the revenue and expenditure sides of the budget. In cooperation with the Tennessee Department of Education, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and other state agencies and funded by a grant under the federal Race to the Top program, we also developed and maintain the P20 Connect Tennessee Longitudinal Data System on education.

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Tennessee Higher Education Graduates

How much does Tennessee’s economy benefit from the Tennessee higher education graduates working in the state? The Boyd Center, under an agreement with the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and with the cooperation of the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, has undertaken research to answer this and other related questions.

Economic Benefits of Postsecondary Credentials: Incremental Earnings and Revenues Upon Drive to 55 Achievement

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Education Crossroads

Education Crossroads is a unique report that looks at economic prosperity and the positive impact education has on family, society and quality of life. The collaborative report looks at how individuals have the power to influence the future through investing in education as students, individuals, parents and community members. For more information or to request a hard copy of the book, please call (865) 974-6086.

Education Crossroads

The Basic Education Program 2.0

The Basic Education Program 2.0 (BEP) outlines the funding formula used to allocate state education dollars to Tennessee’s k-12 schools. This formula compares a locality’s average tax rate to its tax use to calculate a percentage reflecting its ability to generate revenue from its own base to cover educational resource needs.

Basic Education Program Data