Partner With Us

Become a Corporate Partner: If you become a corporate partner, you will have early and frequent access in recruiting students, engaging in our Business Analytics Forum and potential to participate in a capstone project, just to name a few benefits! At the Haslam College of Business, we offer companies access to top talent and cutting-edge research. The connection between industry and academia strengthens both and adds value for our participating companies.

Click on the link below to learn more about our Corporate Partnerships and how you can become a member with priority access to our department and students.

Other Ways to Get Involved


Our Corporate Partners will be invited to all campus recruiting activities and have early access to students at the Business Analytics Forum, held before job fairs in mid-September. We provide our Partners with access to a highly-qualified pool of talent through career fairs, speed networking, hack-a-thons and case competitions. We also encourage our Corporate Partners to contact us about connecting directly with our student through:

Set up a day of interviews: Do you want to hire one of our MSBA students, but do not have the resources or time to dedicate to attending the job fair? If so, we can send you a resume book and set up a day of interviews on campus.

Participate in our Exclusive Job Fair: The Haslam College of Business holds it’s very own job fair exclusively for our master’s students, and this is a job fair you do not want to miss!

Hiring our Master’s and Undergraduate Students: If you are interested in hiring a student, start by contacting Julie Ferrara.


Corporate partners connect with students and faculty, strengthening these relationships throughout the year. Opportunities at the fall forum include assigned seating at meals and speed interview sessions, among others.

Business Analytics Forum:  Our forum brings together business’s greatest analytical minds with its top-ranked faculty and students to derive new insights and find new applications for data. If you are interested in becoming a member or would like to learn more, please visit the Business Analytics Forum website and contact Julie Ferrara.

Class Projects: If your company is looking for some answers to a question and is willing to work with our faculty to provide data and have students use this in one of their classes, please contact us.

Capstone Projects: Our Premier Corporate Partners have first consideration in our capstone projects. Our master’s students generate business insights from data sets belonging to our corporate partners.

Speak to a Club: Inspire the next generation of business leaders by speaking to one of our student organizations. You can discuss a particular area of expertise or give general tips for success in your organization and beyond.

Speak in a Class: Join us at the Haslam College of Business for a day to share with our students and faculty how your company uses analytics to drive better business decisions. By sharing your time, you will be building a collaborative relationship between your company and the university, giving you the opportunity for earlier access to pivotal research and graduates with great skill-sets.

Make a Gift to our BAS Excellence Fund: Gifts to our Business Analytics and Statistics Excellence Fund allow us to immediately enhance the educational experience for our students. These gifts are among the most important and valuable forms of the college because they can be accessed quickly, and used where the need is greatest. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference. Learn about the various ways to give, speak to a development officer about the best use of your gift or donate now.

Sponsor our Welcome Back event: Help us welcome our new class of MSBA students and welcome back our returning 2nd years from their internships by sponsoring our annual Welcome Back event. Bring your colleagues and be the first company to meet all of our new students while celebrating the start of class.

Mentor a Student: If you wish to serve as a mentor, you can help a student transition from college to the working world. Mentors are invaluable to our students to help reinforce classroom lessons and help guide our students while navigating career opportunities.


Our faculty can help partners work through challenges. Informal conversations, brainstorming sessions, and presentation attendance put expert thought leadership and tailored advice at your fingertips.

Partner with our Faculty: The Haslam College of Business partners with businesses to understand their greatest data insight needs and remain on the leading edge of this rapidly developing industry. You can also support our internationally recognized faculty in researching supply chain analytics, data mining, web analytics, financial analytics, process improvement and other areas. Faculty members seek input from partners on research topics, accept donations of data and work with companies to produce white papers on best practices in the field. Learn more about their expertise or contact us about partnering on research projects.

Not ready to commit, but want to learn more? Connect with Julie Ferrara.