Business Administration 100

Business Administration 100 is a one-hour seminar course designed to help first-year business students make a meaningful connection to the college and university communities and facilitate future success in a student’s academic and professional career. The course is taught by professional advisors and administrators in the Haslam College of Business with the support of peer mentors who share a critical student perspective.

Course Modules:

1. Planning for Success

  • Identifying individual personality traits and attitudes
  • Creating long-term and short-term goals
  • Utilizing effective time management strategies
  • Understanding learning styles
  • Utilizing campus resources

2. Becoming a Professional

  • Behaving in a responsible and ethical manner
  • Appreciating cultural differences and diverse perspectives
  • Utilizing professional etiquette
  • Communicating effectively

3. Mapping Your Future

  • Cultivating effective leadership skills
  • Engaging in co-curricular activities
  • Making informed academic decisions
  • Establishing a professional network