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Office of Access & Community Connections Student Experience

The Office of Access and Community Connections (OACC) is dedicated to fostering an inclusive, welcoming educational environment for all Haslam College of Business students. Through academic resources, online resources and student organizations, we work to create ensure an equitable college experience for both undergraduate and graduate students.

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Academic Resources

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Effective Ways of Merging Inclusive Practices into Course Curriculum | Faculty Session

This session shared best practices and resources to help faculty, course instructors and administrators develop course curricula focused on inclusive leadership and establishing a welcoming and belonging learning environment.


Lauren Cunningham, associate professor of accounting and information management, Keith Stanga Professor of Accounting and Cheryl Massingale Faculty Research Fellow

Ashley King, lecturer in accounting and information management

Identifying Your Leadership Working Styles | Staff Session

Participants engaged in an assessment of their learning, thinking and working characteristics and styles. The analysis provided insights into individual leadership working styles and identified ways for participants to enhance work groups and their unit’s ability to build effective and productive teams.


John Cherry, Leadership Knoxville vice president for community leadership

Beth Hamil, Cancer Support Community East Tennessee executive director

Using Inclusive Leadership Practices to Exceed Desired Goals | Student Session

In this session, facilitators led discussions on leadership development as a professional competency as students explored holistic approaches to inclusive leadership development. Theory-based strategies to enhance multicultural competency were shared, and students learned ways to implement and apply the Diversity Scorecard, using step-by-step instructions, worksheets and examples, to examine their own leadership development.


Madison Howard, junior majoring in sociology with a minor in social justice and diversity educator with Multicultural Student Life

Maya Hall, junior majoring in therapeutic recreation with a minor in business administration and statistics and diversity educator with Multicultural Student Life

Corporate Panel Discussion: Value Proposition of Inclusive Leadership | Student Session

Corporate representatives spoke on the impact of collaborative and inclusive leadership in their respective corporate cultures and discussed the importance of building and strengthening inclusive leader skills. The panelists included Aaron Snyder, Haslam’s executive director of strategic partnerships; Nzinga Shaw, CEO of Attack Glass Inc.; Jefferson Johnson, diversity and inclusiveness campus lead for EY LLP; and Tyler Horne, DEIB strategist for Insight Global.


Neeraj Bharadwaj, Proffitt’s Professor in Marketing, Charlie and Carolyn Newcomer Faculty Research Fellow and Neel Corporate Governance Center Research Fellow

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The OACC’s student organizations foster connection, learning and growth in social, academic environments.

OBS provides empowerment, networking, awareness and community events to students of diverse populations. Membership is open to all students.

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The NABA, INC chapter at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is an award-winning organization for business students. As a student chapter, we aim to promote and develop the professional skills of our members by enhancing opportunities in accounting, finance and other business-related professions.

Haslam Women of Color seeks to promote a diverse space for students and women in business who are looking to boost their business knowledge through networking, campus events, and workshops across the campus of The University of Tennessee.

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