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Community Outreach Partnerships & Programs

OACC is a sponsor of Early College Awareness Program (ECAP), a partnership with Project Grad Knoxville, Multicultural Student Life and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The program exposes elementary school students and their parents to college. Undergraduate business students host workshops for students and a question-and-answer session for the parents.

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The Office of Access and Community Connections has partnered with the Knoxville Area Urban League’s “National Achievers” program that targets high school students demonstrating academic strength. As a part of this initiative, students are brought to the UT campus for career workshops, exposing them to the different majors and career opportunities pursued at UT.

The Haslam College of Business, Office of Access and Community Connections has partnered with the 865 Academies to provide campus visit and educational sessions pertaining to prospective students with interest in attending the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and Haslam College of Business. The 865 Academies require dedicated partner engagement with organizations and industry partners to make a long-lasting impact on Knox County Schools’ students.

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The Inclusion and Engagement Summit, sponsored by the Haslam College of Business and its Office of Access and Community Connections, is open to all Haslam administrators, faculty, staff and students. This event provides opportunities for attendees to engage in meaningful conversations and learn how to define pathways toward inclusive and collaborative leadership.


The OACC at the Haslam College of Business partners with several schools around Tennessee.

The OACC at Haslam College highly values establishing strong partnerships with Tennessee high schools, as we believe these collaborations are essential in cultivating a pipeline of diverse and talented students. By engaging with high school students, we can provide them with early exposure to higher education, introduce them to the array of opportunities available at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and offer mentorship and resources to help them navigate their academic journey. These partnerships also allow us to foster a college-going culture, particularly in underrepresented communities, ensuring students from all backgrounds feel empowered and prepared to pursue higher education.

Partnership Schools Include

  • Austin East HS – Knoxville
    Business and Finance
  • Memphis Business Academy – Memphis
    Business Management
  • Whitehaven HS – Memphis
    Banking and Finance
  • Antioch HS – Nashville
    Accounting, Banking & Finance, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Business
  • Cane Ridge HS – Nashville
    Healthcare Business
  • Collierville High School – Collierville
    Business Management
  • Chattanooga Preparatory School – Chattanooga
    Business Education
  • Fulton HS – Knoxville
    Business Education
  • Glencliff HS – Nashville
  • Hillsboro HS – Nashville
    Global Marketing & Logistics, Business Leadership
  • Hunter’s Lane HS – Nashville
    Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Communication
  • Maplewood HS – Nashville
  • McGavock HS – Nashville
    Banking and Finance, Entrepreneurship
  • Overton HS – Nashville
    Event Marketing
  • Pear-Cohn HS – Nashville
    Sports and Entertainment Management
  • MNPS Virtual School– Nashville
    Business Management, Marketing Communication
  • Whites Creek HS – Nashville

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