Students at the TakeOff Program

Office of Access and Community Connections TakeOff Program

The OACC TakeOff Program helps first-generation freshmen navigate college.

Students from Blizzard Beat at the TakeOff Program

The TakeOff program takes place during the fall and spring semesters and provides first-generation students targeted guidance as they transition into the university and Haslam College of Business. The program offers a focused cohort and peer mentors, and there are financial incentives for completing the program. Students are given the opportunity to participate in professional development workshops, seminars and onsite visits to local companies. In addition, the program includes an emphasis on professional development related to business soft skills, professional etiquette and personal branding.

Takeoff Program cohort retention and demographic data

  • 81% Retention in the Haslam College of Business (Fall 2023 Cohort)
  • 90% Retention in the University of Tennessee-Knoxville (Fall 2023 Cohort)