Eva Cowell

Cowell was presented Haslam’s 2022 Diversity & Inclusion Award, recognizing her advocacy for diverse and underrepresented students.

Management & Entrepreneurship - Faculty

Every day, Eva Cowell invests in the future of those around her. As a faculty member in the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship at the Haslam College of Business, she shares her knowledge and mentorship with students.

“The opportunity we have to work with students is a gift,” Cowell says. “If someone reaches out to me with a need, I am here to listen.”

Cowell shares her time, not only as a senior lecturer, but as a mentor with the Business Education for Talented Students (BETS) program. BETS, led by the Haslam Office of Access and Community Connections (OACC), is a program designed to introduce underrepresented high school juniors to the field of business and business-related careers.

“To see a student go through BETS, to see them learn and thrive, is an incredible experience,” Cowell says. “For someone years later to walk up to me in the hallways of the Haslam Business Building as a college student and ask, ‘Dr. Eva, do you remember me?’ It makes me so proud to be part of their experience in Haslam.”

During the inaugural Haslam Diversity Summit, Cowell was presented with the college’s 2022 Diversity & Inclusion Award in recognition of her years of advocacy for OCDR and students.

“To be recognized is overwhelming,” Cowell says. “It’s the culmination of everything I try to do – to be sure everyone has a chance at success.”

Cowell brings this same spirit of encouragement into the classroom, where she works to ensure that students reach their full potential. She teaches organizational management and leadership skills courses, and she coordinates and teaches business skills courses for nonbusiness majors.

“We have open communication and conversations in my classes,” Cowell says. “When someone is comfortable sharing and they are met with respectful questions and not judgment, it’s an important moment of learning.”

In Cowell’s leadership classes, she takes seriously the mission to engage student and share the knowledge they will need to be future leaders in the business world.

“We need good leaders,” Cowell says. “Watching the students’ growth throughout the semester is incredible. I have heard people say they are concerned for the next generation, but the experiences I’ve had with my students make me feel comfortable with our future.”

Cowell says one of the most important lessons a student can take from her class, and one that she aims to share daily through action, is one of listening and learning.

“The actions of hearing and seeing cannot be overstated,” Cowell says. “Everyone’s experience counts. It’s great when you identify those things you have in common with someone, but it’s magical when you find those differences and learn from each other.”