Master’s and Minor in Statistics

Intercollegiate Graduate Statistics and Data Science Program (IGSDSP)

Statistics permeates and informs nearly every field of modern study. The fundamentals of compiling and interpreting data stand at the forefront of graduate academic work, and as such the Master of Statistics at the Haslam College of Business is part of the Intercollegiate Graduate Statistics and Data Science Program (IGSDSP).

The Master of Statistics degree is only offered conjointly alongside another graduate degree at the University of Tennessee. Applicants must already be enrolled in a graduate degree at UT to apply.

Students may pursue a full master’s degree or minor in statistics while enrolled in their primary PhD or master’s program. This program is open to graduate students in departments with an approved statistics minor and/or master’s curriculum.

Foundations in statistics are taught by faculty in Haslam’s Department of Business Analytics and Statistics. Advanced courses involving statistics administered within the department of the student’s primary graduate degree are applied to a minor or master’s degree in statistics.

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