Twelve Haslam Faculty Receive New Appointments

May 9, 2023

Twelve faculty members at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Haslam College of Business have been appointed to named positions. Five of these faculty are transitioning from one professorship to another, while seven are receiving named appointments for the first time.

Stephen L. Mangum, dean of Haslam and Stokely Foundation Leadership Chair, said, “We are very proud of these faculty members, whose work is helping to advance the global reputation of the college and the university. Their research creates a greater understanding of our world, and their teaching excellence is preparing a new generation of students for success in business and beyond.”

The following faculty are changing named professorships:

Chad Autry

Chad AutryChad Autry has been named the Daniel and Karen Myers Distinguished Professor. Autry serves as Haslam’s associate dean for research and faculty, as well as the R. Stanley Bowden II Faculty Research Fellow. His current research focuses primarily on supply chain network design and strategy. Autry has authored more than 70 peer-reviewed studies in academic outlets and is a past editor in chief of the Journal of Supply Chain Management. He has made numerous media appearances related to emerging supply chain issues and has been characterized as a “supply chain futurist” in professional publications and conferences.


John Bell

John BellJohn Bell, the head of Haslam’s Department of Supply Chain Management and the Nancy and David McKinney Faculty Research Fellow, is now the John “Red” Dove Professor of Supply Chain Management. His teaching and research interests include logistics and supply chain management, vehicle routing, facility location selection, hazardous material transportation and supply chain strategy and risk. His publications have appeared in the Journal of Business Logistics, Transportation Journal, OMEGA, Computer & Operations Research and Advanced Engineering Informatics. Bell is a frequent presenter at national and international meetings of the DSI, POMS, INFORMS and other professional societies.


Stephanie Eckerd

Stephanie EckerdStephanie Eckerd, the director of Haslam’s supply chain management Ph.D. program, has been appointed the FedEx Corporation Professor of Supply Chain Management. Her research, which has received numerous awards, focuses on how social and psychological variables impact buyer-supplier relationship management. She has been recognized for her teaching and reviewing excellence, as well. Eckerd serves as associate editor for several journals, sits on the editorial review board for the Journal of Business Logistics and serves on the executive committee for the Academy of Management’s operations and supply management division.


Stephanie Noble

Stephanie NobleStephanie Noble has been named the Nestle USA Professor of Marketing. A William B. Stokely Faculty Research Fellow, Noble’s primary research interests involve customer experience management in retail and service settings. Her work has appeared in numerous top journals.

Noble serves as an area editor for the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science and Journal of Retailing. She is also co-editor for the Journal of Service Research. She has provided consulting services for a variety of leading companies. In 2021, Poets&Quants For Undergrads named Noble to its list of Top 50 Undergraduate Business Professors.


Sherry Thatcher

Sherry ThatcherSherry Thatcher, a faculty member in the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship, is now the Regal Entertainment Distinguished Professor. Her research interests focus on diversity, identity and conflict, and she is a leading expert in team fault lines. Thatcher currently serves as editor in chief of the Academy of Management Review. Her work appears in many of the top journals of her field.



The following Haslam faculty members are receiving their first named professorships:

Neeraj Bharadwaj

Neeraj BharadwajNeeraj Bharadwaj is now the Proffitt’s Professor of Marketing. Currently the Charlie and Carolyn Newcomer Faculty Research Fellow, Bharadwaj has been the recipient of multiple Haslam Summer Scholars Program Research Awards and was a Harold H. Maynard Award finalist for an article published in Journal of Marketing. His published articles appear in a variety of leading outlets in his field.

For his teaching, Bharadwaj was recognized with the Chancellor’s Excellence in Teaching Award in 2022 and was named one of Poets&Quants For Undergrads’ Top 40 Undergraduate Business Professors in 2017. Bharadwaj is the founding member of the Sustainability Research Network.


Jonathan Hasford

Jonathan HasfordJonathan Hasford, a member of the Department of Marketing, has been named the Douglas and Brenda Horne Professor in Business. His research, which has appeared in numerous journals, focuses primarily on how emotions influence consumer decision making. Specifically, he has studied how emotions transfer between unrelated persuasion messages and how training emotional intelligence can lead to healthier eating. Hasford sits on the editorial review board at the Journal of Business Research and has served as an ad-hoc reviewer for several marketing and psychology journals.


Paolo Letizia

Paolo LetiziaPaolo Letizia — who works within the Department of Business Analytics and Statistics — has been named the Ball Corporation Professor in Business. He is a Ray and Joan Myatt Faculty Research Fellow, and his research interests include sustainable operations, closed loop supply chain management, operations–marketing interface and operations–information systems interface. His work has been published in a variety of journals. Since 2019, Letizia has served as an associate editor for Decision Sciences; he also sits on the editorial review boards of several leading operations management journals.


Lance Saunders

Lance SaundersLance Saunders has been selected as the Jerry and Suzanne Ratledge Professor of Supply Chain Management. Saunders, the Vallett Family Faculty Research Fellow, has published in multiple journals, including the International Journal of Logistics Management and the Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management. Before joining the faculty at Haslam, he was an assistant professor of supply chain management and analytics at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he specialized in teaching operations management.



Alex Scott

Alex ScottAlex Scott is now the Gerald T. Niedert Professor of Supply Chain Management. His research, which has been covered by numerous industry publications and has appeared in several journals, focuses on supply chain policy, transportation safety and market dynamics and buyer-supplier governance structures. He regularly presents at national conferences and serves as a referee for various leading academic journals. Scott has consulted in many industries and countries, and has led projects on supply chain strategy, network design, inventory planning and optimization and transportation planning.


David Williams

David WilliamsDavid Williams, a member of the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship, is now the Ergen Professor in Business. His research centers on cognitive processes underpinning entrepreneurial decision making and behaviors that impact a firm’s growth, profitability and survival. Williams’ specific areas of interest include entrepreneurs’ evaluation of entrepreneurial opportunities, internationalization, identity and experimental methods.



Wenjun Zhou

Wenjun ZhouWenjun Zhou — who is with the Department of Business Analytics and Statistics — is now the Sarah Ellen Skinner Professor in Business. Her research interests include data mining, knowledge discovery, business analytics and statistical computing. She has published in refereed journals and conference proceedings, such as the Machine Learning journal, INFORMS Journal on Computing, ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining and the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining.



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