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Greg & Lisa Smith Global Leadership Scholars


The Greg and Lisa Smith Global Leadership Scholars (Smith GLS) is the Haslam College of Business’ official honors program. It promotes the development of international and intercultural awareness, leadership and personal and professional growth. Through honors classes, seminars in leadership training, international experiences and extracurricular activities, Smith GLS students work with faculty to develop the skills necessary to become future international business leaders.

Smith GLS Information Sessions

There are no more information sessions scheduled for this application cycle.

Applications Closed

The application for the Class of 2022 is now closed. Applicants will be notified of mid-March for interviews and early May for admission after final grades are posted. Students will formally begin the program in the fall of their second year.

Admissions Criteria

Admission into Smith GLS provides scholarship awards contingent on continued participation in the program and academic performance, including but not limited to maintenance of a minimum 3.25 GPA. If for any reason students decide to withdraw from the program or are dismissed from the program, their Smith GLS scholarship awards may be rescinded. The Smith GLS program reserves the right to request repayment of the awards.

The admissions committee reviews the following material and selects finalists to interview.

  • Online application indicating interest in international business and academic rigor
  • UT grade point average
  • High school grade point average
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Student resume including leadership experience, campus involvement and community service (Note: Please utilize the Haslam resume template when submitting your resume)

For questions about the Smith GLS application and admissions process, please contact us at


Smith GLS students pursue a collateral or concertation in international business with whichever business major they declare. They take honors courses in the pre-business core and business core, as well as leadership training seminars, in their second, third and fourth years.

Smith GLS students spend the spring semester of their sophomore year studying abroad in London, England. During the first seven weeks of the semester, students take three honors business courses from Haslam faculty in residence. During the second half of the semester, students undertake a six-week, full-time internship, which results in earning six hours of their international business collateral or concentration.

Internship placements are designed to leverage students’ interests while enabling them to develop and hone professional skills in an international context. Past placements have included: financial institutions, business start-ups, major retailers, marketing and media agencies, law firms, non-profits and with members of parliament.

GLS Curriculum


Assistant Director Ryessia Jones
Program Assistant: Lindsay Herrell

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