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Job and Internship Preparation

The Haslam Undergraduate Professional & Career Development team can help you find opportunities to develop the skills desired by employers. We can also prepare you to articulate your experience to employers. Set up an appointment via Handshake to meet with a career consultant about your search process.

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Professional & Career Development Resources


Our team offers a number of resources to help you develop your resume, whether you are just starting to shape it or are looking for tips to polish it up.

The Resume Writing Guide provides tools to help you create both a professional resume and a persuasive cover letter. It includes an extensive checklist of what to include on your resume, comprehensive instructions on crafting resumes and cover letters and samples of each.

Download our resume template for freshman and sophomores, our resume template for sophomores or juniors, and our resume template for juniors and seniors.

The Haslam Prepared courses utilize VMock, a smart resume platform, to deliver immediate and detailed feedback. Contact to request more information or to gain access.

Watch our videos on resume preparation here and here.


Interviewing Guide
Professional Clothing Options
Dining & Business Etiquette Guide


Networking Guide
Informational Interview Guide
CCD Employer Research Page

Job Search

The Undergraduate Professional & Career Development team works with the Center for Career Development to help Haslam students meet their immediate job needs and strategize their career goals. The Center provides a job search platform to find full- and part-time jobs and industry-specific postings. Haslam undergraduates may also contact us for more information on job searches and job placement and on which career fairs held each semester would align with their career objectives.

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