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Greer Seminar Series

The Greer Seminar series allows Haslam faculty and graduate students to meet world-class economists. It provides an opportunity to see the latest advances in research before they have been formally published and provides exposure for our department.

Topics addressed in the Greer Seminar Series have varied from how football upsets cause intimate partner violence, to the development of new statistical techniques for exploring income inequality.

Unless otherwise noted, the seminar is typically held at 3:30 p.m. in Stokely Management Center, 701.


Fall 2021 Workshops

Monday, September 13 Marc Bellemare - University of Minnesota - HBB 304
Monday, October 4 Greg Leo - Vanderbilt - HBB 440 (West Wing)
Monday, October 18 Erik Johnson - University of Alabama - HBB 440 (West Wing)
Monday, November 1 Gadi Barlevy - Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago - HBB 440 (West Wing)
Friday, November 5 Matt Burgess - University of Colorado, Boulder - HBB 440 (West Wing)
Monday, November 8 M. Kathleen Ngangoué - UCLA - HBB 440 (West Wing)
Monday, November 15 Kalena Cortes - Texas A&M - HBB 440 (West Wing)
Monday, December 13 Richard Beem - Tennessee - HBB 440 (West Wing)


Spring 2021 Workshops

Monday, February 1 Mackenzie Alston - Florida State University, Paper Title: "Does Black and Blue Matter?: An Experimental Investigation of Race and Perceptions of Police Bias"
Monday, February 15 Guillaume Frechette - New York University, Paper Title: "Beliefs in Repeated Games"
Monday, March 7 Lesley Turner - Vanderbilt
Monday, March 8 Prottoy Akbar - University of Pittsburgh, Paper Title: "Who Benefits from Faster Public Transit?"
Monday, April 26 Adriana Lleras-Muney - USC, Paper Title: “Do you employment programs Work? Evidence from the New Deal" (joint with Anna Aizer, Shari Eli and Keyoung Lee)
Monday, May 17 Mariacristina De Nardi - Minnesota University and Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis


Fall 2020 Workshops

Monday, August 31 Ivan Rudig - Cornell, Paper Title: "The Causal Effect of Lead on Test Scores"
Monday, September 21 Belinda Archibong - Barnard College, Paper Title: "Prison Labor: The Price of Prisons and the Lasting Effects of Incarceration"
Monday, September 28 Charles Sprenger - UCSD, Paper Title: "Procrastination in the Field: Evidence from Tax Filing"
Monday, October 19 Ryan Oprea - UCSB, Paper Title: "What Makes a Rule Complex"
Monday, November 16 Alberto Martin - European Central Bank, Paper Title: "Collateral Booms and Information Depletion"
Monday, December 7 Jhacova Williams - Rand, Paper Title: "Confederate Streets and Black-White Labor Market Differentials"


Fall 2019 Workshops

Monday, September, 23 Eric Chyn - Dartmouth and NBER, Paper Title: "The Causal Impact of Removing Children from Abusive and Neglectful Homes"
Monday, September 30 Timothy Fitzgerald - Texas Tech, Paper Title: "The Effects of Oil and Gas Fiscal Regimes on Exploration and Production Decisions"
Monday, October 7 Wojtek Kopczuk - Columbia and NBER - Paper Title: "Intergenerational Wealth Formation over the Life Cycle: Evidence from Danish Wealth Records 1984-2013"
Wednesday, October 9 Marit Hinnosaar - Collegio Carlo Alberto - Paper Title: "The Persistence of Healthy Behaviors in Food Purchasing"
Monday, October 21 Yusuke Narita - Stanford
Monday, November 4 Benjamin Hansen - U. Oregon and NBER - Paper Title: "Salary History Bans and the Gender Wage Gap: Does banning salary histories shrink the gender wage gap?"
Monday, November 11 Ryan Kellog - U Chicago and NBER - Paper TItle: "Output and Attribute-Based Carbon Regulation Under Uncertainty"
Monday, December 2 Adrienne Sudbury - UT Job Market Candidate
Monday, December 9 Laura Salisbury - York University and NBER


Spring 2019 Workshops

Monday, January 28 Kathleen McKiernan - Vanderbilt, Paper Title: "Social Security Reform in the Presence of Informality"
Monday, February 4 Rossella Calvi - Rice, Paper Title: "Sharing the Pie: Undernutrition, Intra-household Allocation, and Poverty"
Monday, March 25 Davin Chor - Dartmouth, Paper Title: “Can Information Shift Preferences towards Trade Policy? Evidence from Randomized Survey Experiments∗”
Monday, April 1 Daniel Houser - GMU, Paper Title: "On Language and Meaning: A Randomized Experiment". 
Monday, April 8 Brian Beach - William & Mary, Paper Title: “Segregation and the Initial Provision of Water in the United States∗”
Monday, April 22 Andrew Friedsen - UC Denver, Paper Title: “Losing Public Health Insurance: TennCare Disenrollment and Personal Financial Distress”
Monday, April 29 Nicolas Ziebarth - Cornell, Paper Title:  “Mandated Sick Pay: Coverage, Utilization, and Substitution Effects”


Fall 2018 Workshops

Monday, September 17 Analisa Packham - Miami, Paper Title: “Do Income Shocks Affect Domestic Violence?”
Monday, September 24 Daniel Jones - Pitt, Paper Title: "Minority Representation in Local Government  and Distributional Outcomes”
Monday, October 1 Yancheng Xiao - UT Job Market Candidate, Paper Title: “Network Centrality and Vaccination Probability”
Monday, October 8 Toomas Hinnosaar - Collegio Carlo Alberto, Paper Title: “Price Setting on a Network.”
Monday, October 15 Aaron Yelowitz - Kentucky, Paper Title: “Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Health Behaviors after Three Years"                                  
Friday, October 26 Na Zuo - UT Job Market Candidate, Paper Title: “Can Virtual Bargaining Explain Contributions to Public Goods?”
Monday, October 29 Nolan Pope - Maryland, Paper Title: “Timing is Everything for College Major Choice”
Monday, November 5 Sarah Moshary - Penn, Paper Title: “Deregulation through Direct Democracy: Lessons from Liquor Markets”
Friday, November 9 Aaron Sojourner - Minnesota, Paper Title: “Can reputation discipline the gig economy? Experimental evidence from an online labor market”

Spring 2018 Workshops

Monday, February 12 Cormac O’Dea - Yale Econ, Paper Title: "Insurance, Efficiency and the Design of Public Pensions"
Monday, March 19 John Rust - Georgetown, Paper Title: “Dynamic Hotel Pricing
Monday, April 9 Andrew Patton - Duke, Paper Title: "Dynamic Semiparametric Models for Expected Shortfall (and Value-at-Risk)"
Monday, April 30 Claudia Steinwender - MIT, Paper Title: “Spinning the Web: The Impact of ICT on trade in intermediates and technology diffusion”
Monday, May 8 Michael Darden - George Washington University, Paper Title: "Risky Behaviors and Mental Health: A New Look at Self-Medication"

Fall 2017 Workshops

Monday, September 11 Maximilian Todtenhaupt- Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) – Paper title: “Fiscal Competition and Public Debt”
Monday, September 18 Matthew Zaragoza-Watkins- Vanderbilt, Paper Title: "Raising Rivals' Costs in Interconnected NAtural Gas and Electricity Markets"
Monday, October 23 Jason Lindo – Texas A&M, Paper Title: How Far is Too Far? "New Evidence on Abortion Clinic Closures, Access, and Abortions"
Monday, October 30 Fei Li - University of North Carolina, Paper Title: "Revenue Management without Commitment: Dynamic Pricing and Peridoic Fire Sales"
Monday, November 6 Daniela Puzzello - Indiana University, Paper Title: "Monetary Policies in the Lab"
Monday, November 13 Danial Millimet - SMU, Paper Title: "Partial Identification of Economic Mobility with an Application to the United States"
Monday, November 27 David Reiley - Pandora, Paper Title: "Measuring Consumer Sensitivity to Audio Advertising: A Feild Experiment on Pandora Internet Radio"
Monday, December 1 Rebecca Thornton - University of Illinois, Paper Title: "Network Partitioning and Social Exclusion under Different Selection Regimes"
Monday, December 11 Paul J. Healy - Ohio State University, Paper Title: "Epistemic Experiment: Utilities, Beliefs, and Irrational Play"

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Monday, February 27 Andrew Goodman-Bacon, Vanderbilt University -Paper Title: “The Long-Run Effects of Childhood Insurance Coverage: Medicaid Implementation, Adult Health, and Labor Market Outcomes”
Monday, March 20 Lucija Muehlenbachs, University of Calgary – Paper Title: Price Regulation and Envirronmental Externalities: Evidence from Methane Leaks”
Monday, March 27 Scott Imberman, Michigan State University – Paper Title: “Neonatal Health, Race, and Special Education Identification”
Friday, April 7 Christopher Timmins, Duke University – Paper Title: “Learning by Viewing? Social Learning, Regulatory Disclosure, and Firm Productivity in Shale Gas”
Monday, April 17 Lauren Berquist, University of California Berkeley – Paper Title: “Pass-through, Competition, and Entry in Agricultural Markets: Experimental Evidence from Kenya”
Friday, April 21 Petra Todd, Univeristy of Pennsylvania – Paper Title: “Personality Traits, Intra-household Allocation and the Gender Wage Gap”